Blog Tour Review, You’re Always With Me

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You’re Always with Me
Andy Maslen

365 pages
Tyton Press
published March 28, 2022

Sometimes you have to kill the one you love

Treating a woman for post-natal depression, therapist Mel Porter discovers a shocking truth about herself. As she battles to separate truth from lies, she must confront the most dreadful choice a wife can ever make. Believe that her husband is a killer. Or that she is.

The woman claims to have murdered her own child. The confession turns out to be false but it starts a chain of events that leads to horrifying consequences for Mel. As each brick in the wall she has built around herself crumbles and falls away, a stark truth is revealed. Is she even the woman she thinks she is?

When an ambitious detective with secrets of her own arrests Mel on a charge of murder, her world descends into chaos. Memories she thought she could trust turn out to be unreliable. Her very sanity is questioned. And Jonathan asks for a divorce.

In court, facing a hostile lawyer’s harrowing questioning, Mel’s faith in herself reaches breaking point. Then the jury returns with its verdict and delivers a shocking conclusion to the trial.

How much of her perfect life can Mel still believe in? And how much is total fantasy? The answer could be the difference between life and death.

My Review

I am so glad I stumbled upon this blog tour and book. Maslen is a new author to me and I am wondering why I’ve never read one of his books.  What if you found out you didn’t really know yourself at all?  This fast paced thriller is suspenseful and keeps you guessing until the very end. His writing style connects you to his characters even when you have nothing in common with them.  Their emotions pull on your emotions.  

I honestly think I would give this more than five stars if I could.  If you’re a fan of legal thrillers, twisty thrillers and being kept on your toes, you should get this on your TBR now. 


Author Bio

Andy writes thrillers across a number of genres: police procedurals, vigilante, psychological, suspense and horror. He spent 30 years in business before turning to writing full time.

Readers praise Andy’s novels for their sense of place, kinetic action sequences, realistic dialogue and realistic depiction of the effects of conflict on minds and bodies. And for his meticulous research into police procedure around the world.

He is the creator of best-selling series featuring Gabriel Wolfe, Stella Cole and Inspector Ford, plus standalone novels and short stories.

He lives in Wiltshire.


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