Blog Tour Review: Unsolved

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By: Heather Critchlow

Publication Date: May 11, 2023
Published By: Canelo Crime
325 Pages

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He won’t rest until he finds out the truth…
Cal Lovett is obsessed with finding justice for the families of missing people. His true crime podcast is his way of helping others, even if he can’t help himself.

His sister, Margot, disappeared when he was a child. Only one man seems to know something. But he’s behind bars and can’t be trusted.

So when the family of a missing Scottish woman begs for his help, he heads to Aberdeenshire in search of the truth.

Does Cal have what it takes to unearth the secrets hiding in the hills? And what if he finds something that leads him back to the heart of his own family’s past?

A gripping crime thriller by a brilliant debut novelist, perfect for fans of Jane Casey, Fiona Barton and Loreth Anne White.

Welcome to one of my new favorite series! While it did start off a little slow, it quickly picked up and I couldn’t stop reading. I loved the dual storyline within this novel – Cal’s podcast investigation into Layla’s disappearance and his own “investigation” looking into the disappearance of his sister. The disappearance of his sister clearly affected Cal in such a way that he made it his life’s work to find missing people in other families. I listen to true crime podcasts, so this book spoke to me. I loved that even up until the very end there was mystery around Layla’s death and about his own sister’s disappearance. Also, the author wrote this very well – it’s clear that she has done her research to make sure that the investigations were realistic. I cannot wait for the next book in this series!




Heather Critchlow grew up in rural Aberdeenshire and trained as a business journalist after studying history and social science at the University of Cambridge. Her short stories have appeared in crime fiction anthologies Afraid of the Light, Afraid of the Christmas Lights and Afraid of the Shadows. She lives in St Albans, UK.

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