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The Travel in Between

Chloe Stevenson

207 Pages
Published April 17, 2021

While her friends were busy building careers, getting engaged and signing mortgages, Claire Baxter was busy travelling the world. Finding herself back in Australia with no degree, no career and no direction, twenty-something Claire is feeling a little left behind in life when she unexpectedly inherits her grandfather’s 1968 Kombi van. Falling in love with Rusty  Frank’s nostalgic if slightly impractical charm, Claire embarks on a new journey: to restore Frank to road-trip readiness with the help of her overly enthusiastic father and a grumpy, if handsome, mechanic.

As she juggles the upcoming wedding of one of her best friends and the relationship breakdown of another – all while navigating more than enough woes of her own in the love department – Claire finds herself trying to fix more than just a geriatric van with some concerning rust bubbles.

This millennial twist on Pride and Prejudice takes a refreshing, quirky and unashamed look at the unpredictable lessons that life throws at you when you least expect them – like when you find yourself creeping closer to thirty,  working at a coffee shop and living in a granny flat in your parents’  Canberra backyard. Those times in life when you find yourself questioning your own purpose in the world.

The Travel in Between is an honest and insightful Australian story about all those little things we don’t really think about but all experience when wading through the murky waters of love, friendship and family.

My Review


When I read the summary for this book I instantly knew it would be a book I could get into. We are currently travelling the globe with plans to move across the world again in a few months. I’m also around that same age Claire is when you start to reflect on your 20’s, questioning your decisions and wondering if you’ve made the right decisions. Instantly I found Claire likeable and relatable.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from The Travel in Between, a travel diary? A journey of renovating a kombi? A love story? A tale of friends facing hardship?

Surprisingly, this book has a little bit of each which made for a very interesting read! I liked that it was fast paced and kept my interest the entire time. I really loved Claire’s dad Harvey and wish they had a few more adventures together before she hits the road. Reading the authors bio I can tell she pulled a lot of inspiration from her real life which shows in the story her passion for Kombis, family and travel really shines through.

While we are still stuck inside and limited with our actual travel plans, who wouldn’t enjoy a little wanderlust, day dreaming about renovating a kombi and enjoying traveling?

Author Bio
Chloe Stevenson lives in Canberra with her two fluffy mops, parading as dogs, and her 1977 Kombi Van Sadie. Chloe is a Communications Advisor, an Air Force Officer, a  terrible gardener, and a lover of literary, vintage, and wretchedly colourful things.


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