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The Teacher: A heart-poundingly addictive and twisty psychological thriller
Danielle Stewart

310 pages
published October 20, 2023

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About the book

I‘m the perfect teacher. From the outside, you’d never know that I’m hiding a dark secret. And if anyone finds out, it’ll destroy everything…

I always wanted to teach. I imagined rosy-cheeked students bringing me apples, grading their homework with a cup of coffee, and making a real difference in their lives. Maybe even saving them. Because I never want anyone to go through what happened to me when I was a young girl…

My beloved son Bryson is even in my school now. He’s a model student and the answer to all my prayers. Having my baby at work with me every day is all I could wish for.

Except one day, my perfect world turns into a nightmare.

When my student Daisy comes to me with tears in her eyes, she tells me that my darling little boy did something unspeakable to her. I’ve worked so hard to raise him right—gentle, kind and caring. Nothing like the men that hurt me when I was young. I want to believe he’s innocent. But should I?

Then, the threatening messages start.

But they’re not just for Bryson. They’re for me too. Someone knows my secret. Is someone trying to ruin my son’s life to make me pay for what happened? Or did he really do the horrible thing he’s accused of? Either way, I have a feeling I might not get out of this alive…

This addictive and gripping psychological thriller is perfect for fans of Shari Lapena, Lisa Jewell and The Girl on the Train.

My Review

Wow that took a turn.  I’m not sure how to write this without giving too much away.  Elizabeth, “The Teacher”, and her family are the source of the story.  She’s lived a very hard life and that has molded her into a champion for anyone needing a little help.  Both the present and what from her past shaped her slowly seeps out with chapters told mostly from Elizabeth’s in the past and the present but other characters in the present.  This presentation allows for some cliffhanger chapters that aren’t resolved right away as the focus of the story would change.  This kept me reading and wanting answers.

I was sure I knew where this one was going and I was on one point, but the sharp twists and turns help this one keeping me guessing.  At times it is a little more family drama than thriller, but that is part of the charm.  Towards the end it really reminded me of the popcorn thrillers that Daniel Hurst and Freida McFadden write.  Constantly morphing and quickly.

This is definitely an author to keep an eye on.  I read this one in a day.

About the author:

Danielle Stewart is a USA Today Best Selling Author of over 50 books. She has held the number one book rank on Apple Books, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Danielle currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and son. She works hard to perfect her ability to write in a noisy house and create story lines while daydreaming and folding laundry. She loves hearing from readers so please find her on social media.

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