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The Secrets of Cedar Farm, a Psychological Thriller, by Carissa Ann Lynch is available on all platforms!

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Behind every family is a story.

But some stories are darker than others.

Norah Campbell was an addict. The loss of her fiancé drove her to despair; she lost custody of her daughter, Gemma, and control of her life.

Now Norah is in recovery and she wants Gemma back. But to do so she must move in with her eccentric aunt and uncle, and they refuse to give up control without a fight. When strange occurrences keep happening at the farm and Norah makes a gruesome discovery, she soon realises she’s living with a monster.

As her mental health spirals out of control and she is tempted to relapse, she begins to wonder if she is also a monster.

This is a novel about addiction and recovery, and the strength of a mother who must fight in order to save herself and her child.

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My Review

Nothing is stronger than a mom and her child.  Or maybe I should say nothing should be.  Norah has just made it through rehab and was grateful to her aunt and uncle for taking temporary custody of her daughter, but now she wants to resume the role of mother.  She’s ready to be the Mom she should have been, but her family has other ideas.

This is a story not only about the power of addiction, but also the road to redemption. All wrapped up in a psychological thriller.  And I liked that the chapter headings took you through the 12-step process of becoming clean and sober.   Always tying things back to the root of Norah’s trouble.

The eerie farmhouse her family lives in was almost like another character and had me a little more than creeped out at times.  And I spent most of the novel trying to figure out exactly how reliable a narrator Norah was since she is a recovering addict.  I’ll let you judge that for yourself.

I love when I am reading a thriller, and I am surprised when I am supposed to be.  Since I read so many suspenseful books, I have become quite adept at knowing where we are heading, and I can say there were a couple of moments that caught me off guard.

I really think psychological thriller lovers will enjoy this one.




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