Blog Tour Review, The Pennymores & the Curse of the Invisible Quill

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The Pennymores & the Curse of the Invisible Quill
Eric Koester (daughter collaborators Quinn, Parker, & Aven

Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy
Age: Tight = 8-12; Broad = 6-14

Pages: 375


“We couldn’t put it down.” – New York Weekly

“Exceptional” and “Filled with heart” – Latin Post

The new fantasy series delighting fans of Harry Potter, Narnia, Percy Jackson, The School of Good and Evil, & the Hobbit.

When her brother vanishes in the night, along with all she thought to be true of magic, Parker Pennymore must unmask family secrets, travel far beyond the castle walls, and convince her sisters to break a few laws along the way – but what’s a hero’s journey without a little rebellion?

Created first as a bedtime story with his daughters, The Pennymores explores a world where all writing has been banned for centuries (a setting inspired by the true-life events of Nobel Prize winner Malala Yousafzai). But when an unstoppable enemy returns threatening the destroy their world, the Pennymores must set off on a quest taking them inside hidden mystical realms, confronting ancient challenges, and forcing them to step closer to the heroes they are destined to be.

This “supernatural adventure story, filled with atmosphere, twists, the sublime and dripping with heart” (NY Weekly) features fast-paced action, surprising twists, spunky, funny, and relatable characters exploring fantastical magic and is perfect for fans of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Narnia, & The School of Good & Evil.

Praise for The Pennymores from early readers:

“I’m more attached to it than any book I’ve read” – Jack (10)

“My kids won’t stop talking about this book and these characters.” Nicole F. (San Diego)

“I loved it so much that I read it again and again.” Kate (10)

“Our class is in love with this book.” – Mary Ann M (8th grade English teacher, Oshkosh, WI)

“I want to be a Pennymore sister.” – Audrey (8)

“Finally a new series for my kids who read every Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Lord of the Rings, and Narnia book.” Jeff K. (Omaha)

My Review

While I’m normally a thriller junkie, I love mixing it up and this was just the right book for that. I just love how the author collaborated with his daughters to write the book.  We have sister power in a book about discovering who you are.  There is a great adventure and I was able to connect with the sisters. 

The author created a great world for this series and I think it is a good book for both young and old alike and maybe even for a family read.  I don’t read a lot of fantasy, but this one draws you in and doesn’t feel like a heavy fantasy book.  

And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that every five to ten pages there were these great illustrations.  A picture of a character or some small item mentioned in that chapter. I’m just a sucker for illustrations and these were great. 

I can’t wait to see what happens in book two.  


Author Bio
Eric Koester is a professor at Georgetown University and created this book with his daughters (Quinn & Parker) during the pandemic as a bedtime story.  Koester teaches courses on writing and through his work has helped and coached more than 1,500 published authors, including more than thirty national book award winners and finalists in the past year.

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