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The Party
Tríona Walsh

357 pages
published June 23, 2023

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About the book

It was only supposed to be a small wedding. Intimate and perfect. But my blood turns to ice when I see someone I know wasn’t invited. My first husband – who I thought was dead.

My world shattered when Declan disappeared five years ago. My grown-up children fell apart without their father, and it was up to me to pick up the pieces of our broken lives.

I never thought I’d get married again but then I met George. Some people might think we’re moving too fast. But as I look round on our wedding day at our little family, the sounds of laughter and clinking glasses ringing out, I know that I’ve made the right decision.

Until Declan steps out the shadows. He says he still loves me, and now he’s back for good. But where has he been all this time?

My legs shake so much that I can barely stand… Even though he lied to me so many times, as I stare into Declan’s sparkling blue eyes I realise that my new husband can’t compare to the love we once shared. But at least I can trust George. Can’t I?

Before I even have a chance to decide, Declan is found murdered. A chill races down my spine as I realise – his killer must be one of our wedding party. Did Declan bring back secrets that should have stayed buried?

Now, we’re trapped in this house in the middle of nowhere and my heart pounds as I realise there’s no escape. Why is Declan dead? And can I get me and my children out of here before one of us is next…?

A totally gripping psychological thriller, packed with secrets and gasp-inducing twists. Fans of Lucy Foley, K.L. Slater and Shalini Boland won’t be able to put this down.


My Review

I’d go into this one cold and you’ll get a few more surprises.  This is one wild ride when you get finished.  If I read the synopsis, I usually forget by the time I start the book.  Somehow I was surprised where this one was heading from the start.  Trust is at the heart of this one and while there is a murder and some nefarious deeds, this is really more of a family drama than a thriller.  For being in an isolated location without any outsiders, I was intrigued to figure who was the murderer and why they murdered.  Which is good because I didn’t think a lot of any of the characters.  I did love the setting.  An atmospheric remote home in Ireland.  It almost seemed the perfect place to off someone.

Trust is at the center of all of this.  Lizzie is not long out of rehab and has had issues for a while.  Liam is acting quite shady throughout the entire book.  Claire’s husband disappeared never to be heard from again and she remarried without including her children.  No one knows much about George, Claire’s new husband, or his daughter Freida.  Who can you trust and can you fully trust them.

I must say I was disappointed since I was waiting for the party that doesn’t really happen, but of all the things I guessed, I was not quite right.

If slow burn family dramas with a little mystery are your thing, you need to read this one!

About the author

Tríona Walsh loves reading and writing crime novels but is fairly law abiding in real life. A twice winner of the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair competition she lives in Dublin with her four kids, three cats and one husband.

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