Blog Tour Review, The New Nanny / The Nanny’s Child

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The New Nanny / The Nanny’s Child
LG Davis

288 pages
September 11, 2023

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 A forged reference and a fake social media page is all it takes to convince the Mayers I’m the perfect person to look after their son Wyatt. Some people would be scared to move to a remote mountain village with a family they’ve never met, but it’s exactly where I need to be. Because Wyatt is my child…

My sweet little boy was taken from me. There are dark secrets in my past that will stop me from ever getting Wyatt back, but now I’m his nanny, I’ll finally get to raise him like he’s my own.

When I arrive at the Mayers’ house, I’m stunned by the striking glass family home and Robin and Paul’s lavish lifestyle, which I couldn’t afford in my wildest dreams. But Wyatt seems troubled. Robin claims he needs therapy, she says he barely speaks to her, and soon I realise that he’s rarely allowed to leave the house…

When Wyatt gives me a shy smile and begins to open up, it’s clear he needed me just as much as I needed him. We’re making up for the time we lost with long afternoons playing games and baking apple pie.

Everything finally seems perfect in my life. Until I find out what happened to his last nanny…

An utterly heart-pounding and nail-biting read that will have you racing through the pages. Perfect for fans of The Marriage, The Housemaid and The Family Upstairs.


My Review – The New Nanny

I read this in a day.  I was addicted to know what was going on.  Everyone had a secret.  The nanny, the parents, the friend.  This one drew me in from the start and then kept me as the tension built.  Who could Christa trust?  What is she hiding?  Who could I trust?  I love that this one takes place in Austria and there was slight language barrier at times.

I don’t want to say too much and I seriously think you should just choose to read this one knowing it is a psychological thriller about a nanny and a family and run with it.  There was a heck of a twist I did not see coming in addition to a bunch of small reveals that added to me liking the read.  I think all this could easily be spoiled.

My Review – The Nanny’s Child

This is a duology that kinda just continues not long after the end of The New Nanny.  Still focused on Christa with a compelling reason to keep the story going.  More secrets and more surprises.  Do not read this one if you did not first read book one and definitely go into this one blind too.  I read this one immediately after finishing the first and found the story as compelling as the first book.  Christa is still our main character and we are introduced to a new group of characters with a couple of hold overs from book 1.

I really liked both of these books and I think you will too if you are a fan of twisty domestic thrillers.  These might be my favorite popcorn thrillers so far this year.



Liz’s story began in a refugee camp in Angola, where she spent the first eight years of her life. After that, she spent some years in Namibia (her home country), South Africa, and Germany. She now lives in Vienna, Austria, with her husband and two children. Liz wrote her first full-length novel at eighteen and hid it in a box under her bed. Several others soon followed it. Her passion lies in writing edge-of-the-seat psychological thrillers that give readers the same rush they would get on a rollercoaster.


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