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The Missing Mother
Casey Kelleher

313 pages
published February 5, 2024

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About the Book: 

I place my tiny, newborn baby in the box. A ‘safe haven’, they call it, for unwanted babies. She’ll be warm, someone will find her soon. She’ll be cared for. But not by me. I will always want her, but I can never be her mother. And she can never know why.

Jenna has never truly known who she is or where she came from. Abandoned as a baby, she grew up with a caring adopted family, and never felt the need to know more about her birth parents. Until one night, nearly thirty years later, when she sees a desperate young woman tearfully kiss her little baby, put it gently down in a safe haven box, and walk away.

In that moment, Jenna’s mind starts to race. Who could abandon their child like that, and why? She may never find her own parents, but Jenna is determined to uncover the truth behind this baby’s missing mother. Because Jenna has a terrible feeling that she knows who the mother is, and what happened…

As Jenna digs deeper she uncovers something – someone – far more dangerous than she ever feared. And the secrets they’re hiding are much bigger than just one night, just one woman, just one baby. But what Jenna hasn’t realised is that they know what she’s doing and they are watching her. Whatever the cost, they’ll do anything to keep Jenna from revealing the truth…

This utterly addictive psychological thriller will have you reading late into the night. Perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Lisa Jewell and Claire McGowan.

My Review

I am not sure what I was expecting, but it wasn’t this.  It’s part women’s fiction and part suspenseful mystery.  I was hooked from the start.  It is dark and when you consider it can happen, it’s scary.  It proves you never really know the people around you.

I’ll admit to yelling at Jenna more than once for her poor decisions. As a fan of police procedurals, I liked the twist that it was a journalist investigating instead of the police.  She had a different perspective and a different thought process in how to track things down.

Three POVs brought different aspects to the story.  Jenna, the journalist, was investigating the scheme.  Evie, the mother, who gave up her child and was running from someone.  And him, the nameless bad guy that I waffled back and forth on who he was.  I’d brag I guessed it was him, but having guessed every male in the book, the only way I would have been wrong would be if it was some new character.

I read this in a day and it has stayed with me.  I always wonder about the mother that would put her baby in a box versus just dropping them off at a hospital.  I think this would be a great book club book or buddy read.  So much to talk about.  The twists and turns and the social issues.  I’d advise you to go in cold unless you have trigger issues and then definitely take a look at those because there could be a couple for some.

This isn’t my normal five star read, but the complex plot that keeps me thinking.  It’s definitely worth the read.

Author Bio

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I was born in Cuckfield, West Sussex, and I grew up as an avid reader.

Whilst working as a beauty therapist and bringing up our three children together with my husband, I penned my debut novel Rotten to the Core. Its success meant that I could give up my day job and concentrate on writing full-time. I have since written even more!

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