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The Marriage Counselor: A totally pulse-pounding psychological thriller with a jaw-dropping twist
Dea Poirier

250 pages
published April 24, 2023

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About the book

“Adele, we believe your husband is missing.” As everything around me starts to blur, I go over the words once more: “your husband is missing.” Four simple words with the power to shatter my whole world in an instant.

Working as a marriage counselor I’m used to the tragedies that come out of nowhere. People trust me to help them through life’s big moments. The things that leave you questioning everything you thought you knew about the person you love the most.

But I never thought trouble would land on my own doorstep.

As I start to piece together our last conversation desperate for any clues I can find, the cop standing in front of me reveals that my husband never told his co-workers he was married. He was seemingly living a double life right in front of me.

Days later, as I search through our home, I discover a hidden box of baby clothes that suggest my husband was starting to build the perfect life without me.

My entire career has been built on separating the truth from the lies. My husband may think he has pulled off the greatest lie of all but he is not the only one keeping a secret in this marriage.

All I know for certain is that when the truth comes out, only one of us will make it out alive.

A totally addictive and unputdownable psychological thriller about deadly obsession and twisted lies perfect for fans of Gone GirlThe Perfect MarriageThe Wife Before Me and anything by Freida McFadden.

 My review:

This is a wild ride.  I would definitely put it into the popcorn thriller genre along with Freida McFadden and Daniel Hurst.  What goes along as so very normal for a while and turns into a twisty mess.  You know the good kind.  A trainwreck kind that you just can’t look away.

It moves along at a nice even pace, lulling you in. I had a hard time deciding what I thought about the characters.  Peter, Adele’s husband, is missing at the start of the book.  Then we have Adele and her circle of friends, coworkers and patients.  There is quite the complicated storyline.  There is some concern of Adele’s dead parents’ practice.  Adele’s missing husband.  Cameron an old lover who is part of the police presence investigating Peter’s disappearance.  And patients and family of patients making claims into Adele’s practice.  It seems less complicated than it is as you’re reading and I never had any trouble following along or keeping track of things.

Honestly, just go in blind.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  I did suspend disbelief a little as I am not sure Adele was believable as a counselor, but it is fiction and I was entertained.  I wanted to know what happened to Peter and ultimately what was going on.

I flipped back and forth between reading and listening to this one and found both entertaining. I didn’t have a preference and let my schedule dictate the version for that moment.

If you are fans of that quick entertaining, twisty novel, you will be entertained.

About the author

Dea (D.H) Poirier is the author of NEXT GIRL TO DIE, which hit #1 in the Amazon charts and the bestselling thriller FIND ME IN THE DARK. She was raised in Edmond, Oklahoma, where she got her start writing in creative writing courses. She attended The University of Central Oklahoma for Computer Science. Later, she spent time living on both coasts, and traveling the United States, before finally putting down roots in Central Florida. She now resides somewhere between Disney and the swamp.

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