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The Lodge
Sue Watson

361 pages
published October 24, 2023

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About the book

‘Please – someone – help us. We’re at The Lodge, the snow is everywhere. We’re trapped. There was an argument last night… things got out of hand. Someone went missing in the middle of the night. We think they might be dead…’

Two days ago the Wilson family checked into the imposing, glass-fronted Lodge, surrounded by snow and perched perilously on the edge of a cliff looking out to a grey sea. Not everyone was looking forward to the family get-together. But mother-in-law Angela insisted the winter trip would help heal their rifts…

Danni: The new wife who feels like an imposter. She doesn’t trust anyone – even her husband. But is she trustworthy herself?

Fiona: The ex-wife who feels that all eyes are on her. She’s here for the sake of her children, but she fails to hide her seething jealousy towards her ex-husband’s new family…

Angela: The mother-in-law who can’t help but interfere. She planned the family holiday to get everyone together, but does she really want to keep the peace?

Scott: The husband torn between his ex-wife and his new wife. He says he wants to do right by his family, but he’s been telling lies to them all. Now his darkest secret is about to be revealed.

After a night of arguments, morning breaks with a single scream. Not everyone came to The Lodge to play happy families. Someone came to get revenge…

A completely gripping, utterly twisted thriller that will leave your jaw on the floor. Perfect for fans of The Housemaid, The Perfect Marriage and The Girl on the Train.

My Review

It’s my first trapped in a snow storm book of the season.  It starts out so innocent and then packs a punch after bodies are piling up.  Everyone has a secret as exes and family maybe play not so well together.

I always love Sue Watson books.  They always have moments where I did not see that coming.  There are multiple narrators in this one and whomever is narrating, it’s almost like we are in their head as they not only tell the story, but justify anything they may have done.  And those mini cliffhangers at the end of the chapters really had it so I did not want to put this one down.

I could never figure out which, if any, of Scott’s women I could like or even trust.  The ex-wife, the current wife, or the maybe new mistress all had reasons to give me pause.  Then throw in his mother and his daughter and it was like there were five versions of the truth running around with me having no idea who might even be close to reliable.

This really was a good read/listen and lured me in and kept me guessing.

Alison Campbell and Tamsin Kennard narrated the audiobook and really did a great job of voicing the characters and bringing the story to life.  They had me loving the moments when I switched from reading to listening.  I’m not sure I had a favorite reading or listening to this one.  You can’t go wrong either way.

If you’re a psychological suspense fan and haven’t read a Sue Watson, this one is a great start and perfect for the start of winter.

Author Bio:

Sue Watson was a journalist on national magazines and newspapers before becoming a TV producer with the BBC.

Now a USA Today bestselling author, Sue explores the darker side of life, writing psychological thrillers with big twists.
Originally from Manchester, she now lives with her family in leafy Worcestershire where much of her day is spent writing – and procrastinating. Her hobby is eating cake while watching diet and exercise programmes from the sofa, a skill she’s perfected after many years of practice.

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