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The In-Laws

Laura Wolfe

283 pages
Published Jan 26, 2023

About the Book

I peered over the ledge with my heart in my throat. A pop of color caught my eye – I would recognize that jacket anywhere. The body I knew so well lay still, torso twisted one way, head facing the other…

I’d planned this trip to the gorgeous, remote Michigan woodlands as a last-ditch attempt to help Pete and our families’ bond before the wedding of our dreams. Instead, it has turned into a nightmare that I can’t seem to wake up from. Anger, resentment, and heated arguments weren’t at all what Pete and I had imagined, even less so the horror of discovering a dead body…

Looking around the campsite at my terrified family and future in-laws, I realize that someone on this trip has been keeping secrets from me. What could be dangerous enough to kill for? But then again, I also have secrets of my own, something that if known, could be deadly. The only thing I know for certain is that the murderer is ruthless enough to do anything to keep their story hidden.

Who will be next to pay the ultimate price?

An utterly gripping psychological thriller that will keep you up all night. Perfect for fans of The Couple Next Door, The Woman in the Window and Behind Closed Doors.

My Review

I love this revived trend of not waiting until the end of the book to have a big twist.  It catches me off guard a little more if I don’t know when to expect one.  And these days all thrillers have one or ten.  I also love locked room thrillers, and while this one isn’t that, but it is similar.  A group of people isolated from the world.

This centers around secrets.  Who has them and what are they.  The prologue clues you in that six people are looking over a bluff at a dead body.  You quickly learn there are seven on the camping excursion, but not only don’t you know who did it, but you also don’t know who has fallen.

I was a fan of the chapter teasers at the end of some of the chapters, letting you know what might happen next.  I enjoyed watching the layers peel back.  It is quick paced and I never had a moment that I wanted to put it down.

I highly recommend this one for those that love fast paced, twisty thrillers.

About the author

Laura Wolfe is an Amazon charts bestselling author who writes twisty, fast-paced psychological thrillers and suspense novels published by Bookouture. Her indie titles have also been shortlisted for multiple book awards. Laura is a lover of animals and nature. When she is not writing, she can be found hanging out with her husband and two kids, growing vegetables in her garden, or spoiling her rescue dog. She enjoys living in Ann Arbor, Michigan

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