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The Hotel
Emily Shiner

303 pages
published September 7, 2023

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About the book

As we welcome the Rowe family to our beautiful clifftop hotel, a shadow passes over my husband’s face. In that moment I see it: my husband is hiding a terrible secret. Has he put us all in danger?

Mark and I pride ourselves on giving visitors to our hotel, high on the rugged Maine cliffs with views of the ocean, a vacation they won’t forget. But the Rowes are strangely over-familiar when they arrive with their teenage daughter. The wife puts a hand on Mark’s forearm and her husband meets my eyes with a knowing look as I hold my little son tight. They gush that they loved their previous stay here… But I’m certain I’ve never seen them before.

Mark reassures me that the Rowes are just being friendly. We have so many visitors, maybe we forgot meeting them. When I am locked in the master bedroom for over an hour, he later soothes my panic and says it was just an accident. But I know one of the Rowes was out in the hallway listening to me cry for help. I hear one of them whispering a lullaby to my baby on his monitor. I cannot trust these people.

But as the relentless icy rain gives way to the biggest blizzard of the season and we become cut off, I realize my son and I are trapped. Mark knows more about the Rowes than he’s letting on. I’ll do anything to protect my gorgeous baby boy. But how far will I have to go, to keep him safe?

The Hotel is a totally twisty locked room thriller that you won’t be able to put down. Fans of Shalini Boland, Freida McFadden and Jeneva Rose will be glued to the pages!

My Review

What a cat and mouse game that for most of the book, I didn’t know who was the cat, who was the mouse and what the game was.  There were multiple POVs all set in the present, and everyone had a secret that I did not know what the secrets were.  Of course the book is set in a snowstorm in the mountains of Maine, where one couple desperately needs some money to keep their B&B afloat and the other has rented out the entire B&B to try and work on things.

It started out so nice, with a couple and their infant son that were likable.  Then things just progressed into an action packed adrenaline filled frenzy fraught with danger.  I suspected a few of the twists and had no idea what had happened with a few more.  And the twists started about a a quarter of the way from the end and just kept twisting and turning.

Emily Shiner writes books that remind me of Frieda McFadden and Daniel Hurst.  The popcorn thriller you can see playing out in your head that keeps you on your toes.  This one definitely fit that bill.  It was an easy quick read that had me waiting to see what would happen next.  Another great read for fall.

About the author

Emily Shiner always dreamed of becoming an author. After spending years devouring stacks of thrillers, she decided to try her hand at writing them herself. Now she gets to live out her dream of writing novels and sharing her stories with people around the world. She lives in the Appalachian Mountains and loves hiking with her husband, daughter, and their two dogs.

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