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The Good Doctor
Jessica Payne

380 pages
published June 12, 2023

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About the book

I finally have everything I’ve ever wanted: a career saving lives, my dream home among the pines, and my caring fiancé, Elton. He doesn’t know about my past. And I’ll do anything to keep it that way…

I’m so excited for my life with Elton—we’ve even discussed which room would make the perfect nursery. And we’re working together in our new jobs in the ICU at Portland General hospital.

But when I walk in on my first day, I see my ex-husband Jameson. His familiar broad shoulders are unmistakable in his white doctor’s coat. The shock knocks the air from my lungs.

I’m thrown back to the moment Jameson and I gathered around that hospital bed as the steady beeping on the monitor slowed.

We did something unforgivable that day.

And for the first time, I saw who Jameson truly was
The truth scared me more than I can explain.

So I ran.

If Jameson tells Elton what I did, I’ll lose everything. Will he destroy my new, perfect life? Is he still a danger to the innocent patients all around us? And how far will I have to go to stop him?

The Good Doctor is a totally twisty, rollercoaster ride of a psychological thriller that will have you glued to the pages late into the night. Fans of Freida McFadden, My Lovely Wife and The Couple Next Door will love it!

My Review

It’s a little more people focused, but this reminds me a little of Robin Cook’s thrillers.  I liked the cat and mouse game between Chloe and her ex Jameson.  I’m also a fan how we start in the middle of the story, not knowing how the characters got there and then slowly learned what happened.  Slow enough that we fill in the gaps based upon the limited information given.  Having of course some being incorrect.  It’s the summer reason season and I’ve been reading a lot of mystery and thrillers and I kept wondering who was reliable.

I’d read for a while, start to piece things together and then recollect my thoughts after some new information.  This isn’t your pulse pounding edge of your seat thriller, but one that makes you think as the information slowly reveals itself.  There is a lot of time to think about what you know and guess on what happened to get the characters where they are and where they are heading.  Mysteries in both directions.  A bonus.

And did I mention the drama between the characters.  The current fiancé, the ex-husband and the woman they have in common.  What are their secrets and how high will the stakes go?

I did not want to put this one down.  I needed to know what was going to happen and what everyone’s secrets were.  If you like Gray’s Anatomy mixed with a little murder, you need this one.

About the author

Jessica Payne is the author of THE LUCKY ONE and MAKE ME DISAPPEAR. She grew up in Kansas City, later moving to the Pacific Northwest where the mountains and Puget Sound became home. Beyond writing, she loves to run, rock climb, and explore the great outdoors with her daughter and husband. She is an RN and recently finished her degree as a nurse practitioner. When holding still, which isn’t often, you’ll find a book in her hand and a cat or dog (or both!) in her lap. Jessica writes suspense and thriller and is the host of #MomsWritersClub on Twitter and YouTube. You can find out more about her at her website,

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