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We are thrilled to share the next book in James Dashner’s Maze Cutter series, The Godhead Complex. Read on for more details!


The Godhead Complex (The Maze Cutter Series #2)
James Dashner

Expected Publication Date: November 14, 2023

Genre: YA Dystopian

Sadina and the islanders are up against both man and nature as they navigate their way to Alaska. There, they hope to meet the mysterious Godhead, unsure of what separates myth from truth. But the Godhead, now led by Alexandra, is fractured. Within the cracks of their sacred trinity, secrets are revealed that blur the lines of good and evil forever.

After a devastating discovery, Isaac and Sadina are forced to split up. Minho holds the rest of the group together, but it’s his beliefs that are slowly falling apart. What once drove Minho to join his sworn enemies is causing him to question everything. When Sadina finds a clue in The Book of Newt, her mission to meet the Godhead becomes even stronger. Isaac and Old Man Frypan come across an enigmatic traveler and learn that the cure isn’t what it once was. They are shaken to the core when they realize that the immunes aren’t as immune as they should be, and the world as a whole is evolving in a dangerous new direction.

In Alaska, The Godhead and the sacred site of the Maze face something that no generation of Pilgrims before them has ever witnessed. Beliefs will change, futures will be rewritten, and not even the Godhead knows what will happen next.

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My Review

Did you love either the Maze Cutter books or movies? If so you need to read this new series. This is book 2 of 3 and it’s out November 14, but book one is out now.

I don’t read a lot of fantasy so you should take note when I do.

It’s set way in the future of the maze cutter series but in that same world. Dashner has created another group of great characters to get to know and follow.

There are multiple POV characters and quests the group is trying to complete. All isn’t as it seems as they struggle on their way to see the godhead.

This is a great continuation of their saga and a chance to get to know the characters better. It’s the perfect setup for the final book in the series. How can I possibly wait?

If you are in need of a new dystopian series, you should pick this one up!


About the Author

James Dashner

James Dashner is #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Maze Runner series, including The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, The Death Cure, The Kill Order, and The Fever Code, and the bestselling Mortality Doctrine series (The Eye of Minds, The Rule of Thoughts, and The Game of Lives). Dashner was born and raised in Georgia, but now lives and writes in the Rocky Mountains.

James Dashner

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