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The Ex-Wives
Jenna Kernan 

371 pages
published October 10, 2022

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About the book:

Two ex-wives. Two missing girls. Will yours be next?

Pulling a batch of my husband’s favourite golden oatmeal cookies from the oven, I smile to hear my daughter Phoebe playing in the treehouse outside. I was once so close to losing everything, but since I married handsome Jackson, I have a perfect life. Jackson might tell me what to wear, but he just likes to buy me nice things. He says I don’t need a job, and why would I want one? I can spend all day taking care of Phoebe and running errands in the fancy car Jackson gave me—he knows everywhere I go, and I love how much he wants to keep me safe.

But my whole world shatters when I find out Jackson is a liar.

He never mentioned he was married before—twice.

I love him so much. But how can I trust him now? Desperate for answers, I search our pristine house top to bottom. I thought Jackson was caring: but is it a way to control me?

When I track down his ex-wives, I see fear in their eyes. Both these women had little girls just like me. And when they left Jackson, their daughters went missing.

Devastated I’ve put Phoebe in danger, I have no choice but to find the truth about those poor girls. To protect Phoebe, I must pretend to still be the perfect wife, even though fear floods through me at Jackson’s touch.

But how far will I have to go? And what will happen to me and my sweet child if my husband finds out?

An absolutely addictive psychological thriller that will have you racing through the pages late into the night! Fans of The Perfect Marriage, The Wife Between Us and The Woman in the Window won’t be able to put this down.

My Review:

So what happens when you meet the perfect man and find out he’s a monster?   I am back to reading thrillers and am happy.  I will say domestic thrillers are my least favorite, but this one kept me guessing and while I didn’t have a doubt on how this would end, I was so wrong in how it got there.  I always fall for the sweet, caring men in the beginning when I know they are neither.  And I liked Elana, Phoebe and the dogs.  A few characters even surprised me.  I was never sure who was trustworthy.

I am not sure if I am losing my edge in figuring out the twists and turns or if the authors have stepped up their game, but in what I thought was a straightforward domestic thriller, I was bamboozled more than once.  I will need to go back and read a few more by this author and see if she can keep me guessing.

Author Bio:

Publishers Weekly bestselling author Jenna Kernan is a two-time RITA nominee and winner of the Book Buyers’ Best award. Prior to signing with Bookouture, she published over thirty novels including her popular APACHE PROTECTOR series, and is a member of numerous writing groups, including International Thriller Writers, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Florida Mystery Writers and Novelists, Inc. and frequently attends conferences on police procedure at the Writers Police Academy and MurderCon. Jenna currently lives on Florida’s Gulf Coast with her husband. A natural redhead, she has recently increased her sunblock to SPF 50.

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