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The Engagement
Samantha Hayes

335 pages
January 10, 2023

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About the book:

You thought you had escaped him. Until he proposed to your daughter.

‘There’s someone I want you to meet,’ Belle says, as a man draws up to her side. He’s tall with dark hair and stubble on his square jaw. He’s not exactly smiling, but the corner of his mouth curls upwards as he slides his hand around my daughter’s waist.

I grab my husband’s arm to steady myself, as the room spins around me.

I stare into the man’s eyes – jet black. Nothing and everything hidden behind them.

Fear prickles my skin as I remember what he did.

How I only just escaped.

All the lies I’ve had to tell since.

‘I want you to meet Jack,’ Belle says, brimming with excitement. ‘He’s my fiancé.’ She rests her head on his shoulder. ‘Isn’t it exciting? We’re engaged!’

Fear hammers in my chest. I have to stop this.

My daughter’s life is in danger, and it’s all because of me…

A totally gripping psychological thriller from an Amazon No1. bestseller that will take you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and have you gasping at the twists. Fans of The Housemaid, Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train will be flipping pages all night long!

My Review

So what would you do if you had a secret from your past that you never told your husband and then he came home with your daughter?  That’s the premise of this book.  And as the reader you don’t quite know what that secret is.  I flew through this book because I knew what the book was hinting at was Hannah’s secret, but I also know that in these domestic thrillers, things are never that straightforward.  I needed to know for sure, what her secret was, if she’d keep it from her family and how she’d get rid of her past.  Phew, that is a lot to need to know, right?

This is a slower paced book that the tension builds as you advance through the story.  There were a few twists that I didn’t see coming.  I don’t want to spoil anything for you but trust me this is a quick read and worth the investment.

Author Bio:

Samantha Hayes grew up in a creative family where her love of writing began as a child. Samantha has written eight thrillers in total, including the bestselling Until You’re Mine. The Independent said “fantastically written and very tense” while Good Housekeeping said “Her believable psychological thrillers are completely gripping.” Samantha’s books are published in 22 languages at the last count.

When not writing, Samantha loves to cook, go to the gym, see friends and drink nice wine. She is also studying for a degree in psychotherapy. She has three grown-up children and lives in Warwickshire.

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