Blog Tour Review, The Doctor’s Widow

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The Doctor’s Widow
Daniel Hurst

236 pages
published August 23, 2023

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About the book

She trusted him. Now she’s paying the price…

I loved my husband, Doctor Drew Devlin, but he betrayed me. And now he’s dead.

As I put the key in the lock and open the door to the luxurious new home I’ve purchased with Drew’s life insurance money, I’m certain the worst days are behind me. My secret is safe, and I can’t wait to enjoy my new wealth and freedom.

Then I meet handsome Roger. I wasn’t looking for a relationship but as we spend our evenings drinking wine on my sunny terrace, I realise he’s just what I need right now. Roger is nothing like Drew, he’s spontaneous and romantic. And most of all, he’s honest.

He thinks I’m a rich, lonely woman. He’s wrong of course, there’s so much more to me…

But then one night, when we’re curled up in bed together, Roger says something that makes my blood run cold. I think he knows the truth about my life as the doctor’s wife.

I will do anything to stop my past from catching up with me… But is Roger really who he says he is? Or is my life now in danger?

An absolutely gripping psychological thriller packed with jaw-dropping twists from the number one bestselling author of The Doctor’s Wife. If you love Behind Closed Doors, Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train you’ll be hooked on The Doctor’s Widow.

My review

I am usually advocating that books are stand alones, but not this one.  You definitely need to read The Doctor’s Wife to appreciate this one.  But the first one is the series was good and worth a read.  Daniel Hurst has quickly joined my list of popcorn thriller author’s I love to read or even better listen to.  Short, quick paced books with short chapters that are twisty and engaging.

In this one, the story of Alice and Fern continues and basically picks up where The Doctor’s Wife left off.  I really loved the cat and mouse game between Fern and her new lover. Or is he.  I think Fern is the character I most like to hate since Nick and Amy Dunne of Gone Girl.  While I was never sure exactly where this one was headed, it had less twists than the last one, but I was just as engaged.  Does she continue to get away with being a black widow or will she finally see consequences for her actions?  I honestly don’t know whether to cheer her on or root for her to get caught.

And I sure hope that the author is well on his way to finishing the next book in the series because this one ended on a cliffhanger.  My only complaint of the book.

And while I enjoy reading the author’s books, I love listening to them.  They are a perfect backdrop for a walk or cleaning or just about anything.  Luke R. Francis and Sarah Durham do a terrific job bringing the story to life and letting it shine.  I did not want to stop listening.

As spooky season is almost upon us, this series is the perfect way to kick it off.  You won’t be disappointed listening to this series.

About the author

Daniel Hurst writes psychological thrillers and loves to tell tales about unusual things happening to normal people. He has written all his life, making the progression from handing scribbled stories to his parents as a boy to writing full length novels in his thirties. He lives in the North West of England, returning to his roots after several years away exploring the world and garnering plenty of ideas for future books!

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