Blog Tour Review: The Darkwater Girls

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Book: The Darkwater Girls
Author: Maegan Beaumont
Pub Day: Nov 4th 2021
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About the Book: 

Recognition hits me as I look at the woman lying in the long grass. It’s my sister. Her hot-pink nails are chipped and caked with dirt, her blue eyes are cold and vacant. I desperately shake her, even though I know. She’s gone.

Fresh out of the Military Police, Georgia Fell has returned to her Michigan island hometown a decade after she ran away. Late to meet her younger sister at a bar on the isolated tip of the isle, she arrives to her worst nightmare: Rachel dead, purple bruises around her slim, beautiful neck.

When the police rule out murder, Georgia knows it can’t be true. Reluctantly, she must turn to the person she’s been avoiding since she came home. Georgia can’t forgive single dad Lincoln McNamara for his betrayal the night she left, but he has an in with the dangerous crew operating out of the roadhouse where Rachel was killed. The question is, can she trust him?

But before she can convince Lincoln to help her, another local girl goes missing. How deep into the darkness of island life must Georgia go to find out the truth? And with an innocent girl’s life on the line, does she even have a choice?

An absolutely unputdownable suspense thriller. Readers who adore Tami Hoag, Mary Burton and J.D. Robb will be hooked on this jaw-dropping new crime series.

My Review:

For some reason I dreaded starting another crime novel and I am so very glad this was for a blog tour and I needed to read it now, because I really enjoyed it.

Georgie grew up on Angel Bay and left when the guy she was in love with got another girl pregnant.  Now she is back and finds her foster sister dead.  

This book has a great cast of characters.  There are some that I really liked, like Georgie and Lincoln.  I was invested in them, their tension over their past relationship and their potential.  There were characters I didn’t really like but still wanted to know more about them along with the ones I couldn’t decide and wanted to discover more and make a decision.  I liked how the characters interacted with each other, always hinting at what was to come without giving too much away.  And I was sure I knew exactly where the story was headed and fell for a few red herrings.

Once I was a couple of chapters in, I couldn’t put this one down.  And then knowing this is the first in a series, I wanted to put it down and draw it out since I know I wouldn’t have any patience to wait for the next installment.  But I have no willpower and powered through it.

This is a great start to a new series.  It has a story you want to solve along with characters that draw you in.  And there was enough left hanging to get you excited about the rest of the series.  I highly recommend this for those that love crime series with great characters.








Author Bio and Social Media

Maegan Beaumont is the award-winning author of the Sabrina Vaughn thriller series. Her debut novel, CARVED IN DARKNESS was awarded the 2014 gold medal from Independent Publishers for outstanding thriller as well as being named a Foreword Book of the Year finalist and Debut Novel of the Year by Suspense Magazine. When she isn’t locked in her office, torturing her protagonists, she’s busy chasing chickens (and kids), hanging laundry and burning dinner. Either way, she is almost always in the company of her seven and a half dogs—her truest and most faithful companions—and her almost as faithful husband, Joe. She also writes hot contemporary romance as USA TODAY best-selling author, Megyn Ward.



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