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Ambition . Ego . Choices

by Adam Leigh

published 6th May 2021

A study of ambition and the mayhem it can create.

THE CURIOUS RISE OF ALEX LAZARUS is the story of one man’s ambition and the impact it has on himself and on the people closest to him as it recounts his journey of self-discovery, as an entrepreneur, father, husband and son.

A chance meeting of two men looking after their children in the park. They crave fame and fortune as their wives approach giving birth again. A plan is hatched.
When Alex Lazarus – restless advertising executive – meets Julian Lloyd-Mason – charming lawyer – they find they have similar lives, over-riding ennui and ambitions that align. The result: they concoct and plot, Alex grabbing every opportunity to desert the exhausted home ship to write business plans on napkins at local cafés. They launch a parenting website together: It goes global and suddenly Alex finds the fame and fortune he always craved.

What unfolds is a cacophony of innovation, brainwave highs and parenting party lows. And individuals’ true colours are revealed. Trappings of success come at a price. Will Alex be able to save himself, his integrity, his marriage and family, his pocket? What matters most to him?

The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus is a witty tale of ambition, wanting more and getting less. And potentially losing all.

A partly autobiographical story based on his own start-up aspirations, author Leigh was initially inclined to write a non-fiction work on the nature of ambition before realising that his own resource of near disaster and parenting woes were too good to be ignored: this novel of accidental ambition, accidental luck and questionable morals was born.

“Very well written, innovative and ingenious novel – funny and clever.”
― Arabella Weir, comedian, author of Does My Bum Look Big in This?
“Adam Leigh may well have created a new genre: the fictional business memoir. If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to start a new venture from the ground up, then let this inventive novel show you.” – Jonathan Freedland, Guardian journalist and author
“Adam Leigh takes us on a thrilling journey into the dark heart of startup land, a place peopled with oddballs and outsized egos, where the relentless drive for growth at all costs means ethics are for losers. A great read with some extraordinary characters and some real insights into the practical and emotional journey of an entrepreneur starting a tech business” – Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC journalist and author
“It’s very believable, this book. Both emotionally and in its physical details. Adam Leigh has a way of making you feel you are part of his story, which is very satisfying.”
– Daniel Finkelstein The Times journalist and broadcaster
“This is a very ambitious and dextrous take on a riveting world. Filled with a rich collection of characters, with Alex at its heart it’s very impressive. So much to like, great plotting and Alex’s drive and ambition is intriguing. The questions that the book touch on ie the ethical responsibility of start- ups and what are we willing to sacrifice to get ahead are endlessly relevant” – Abi Morgan, Screenwriter, The Iron Lady, Suffragette, The Hours
“The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus is a funny and entertaining insight into the madness of start -up life and the reckless nature of ambition.
Poignant, moving and life affirming. I loved it.”
– Nicola Mendelsohn. -VP EMEA Facebook

My Review:

What an interesting story.  The book begins where we know Alex is in some trouble for his business. He started a website with Julian and it was great up until it wasn’t. There were many moments along the way that he maybe should have gone hmmm, but he just keeps moving forward.  The book shows all the thankless steps of running a business. The day in and out small tasks that no one talks about. 

I really liked Alex regardless of his faults and enjoyed not liking Julian.  Alex was ambitious with a good heart just trying to make it, while Julian was such a sketchy guy. 

The book is well written.  With a unique cast of characters and a story that just kept me wanting to know what happened, I’d highly recommend this book. 

About the author:

Adam Leigh graduated with an English degree from Cambridge and joined Ogilvy & Mather, rising to become their youngest Board Director. During a successful thirty year advertising career, he ran a number of agencies, eventually becoming a partner in an independent agency which was sold in 2014. He now owns an Executive Search consultancy working with some of the world’s leading creative and media businesses.
The Curious Rise of Alex Lazarus is his first book. He is well versed in the challenges of balancing an entrepreneurial business with family life. Available for comment and interview, he lives in North London with his wife and three children.
For all media enquiries and to arrange an interview, please contact:
Nikki Barrow at Mander Barrow PR Ltd,; 07813 806297

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