Blog Tour Review, The Cruise

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The Cruise
Catherine Cooper

400 pages
Harper Collins
Published November 10, 2022

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About the book:

A glamorous ship. A mysterious cast of passengers. And a New Year’s Eve party that goes horribly wrong…

During a New Year’s Eve party on a large cruise ship in the Caribbean, the ship’s dancer, Lola, disappears. The ship is searched and the coastguard is called, but there is no sign of her, either dead or alive.

Lola was popular on the ship but secretive about her background, and as the mystery around her deepens, everyone on board becomes a suspect. Who was she arguing with the night she vanished?

Why did she come aboard the cruise in the first place? What was she running from?

My Review

I added the Chalet and The Chateau to my TBR but never got around to reading them, so this is my first Catherine Cooper read.  And Wow I am not sure what I just read.  As the title indicates, the story starts on a cruise but then jumps to a seemingly unrelated story about a teenage girl found after being abducted years ago.  Of course in a twisty thriller, no theory is ever off the table, but I must say if you figure this one out, you should probably be writing the thrillers instead of reading them.

This is hard to review in any depth for fear of spoiling something, but I’ll say I am not sure I really liked or connected with the characters.  But I’ve found in a thriller that it doesn’t matter if you want to figure out who did it or what is going on and that was the case for me.  Who killed Lola and what does this have to do with the secondary plot line.  There was a lot of layers to this and it never felt like too much.

You’ll just have to see for yourself what is happening on this cruise.

About the author

Catherine Cooper is a freelance journalist writing for many national newspapers and magazines, specialising in travel. She also makes regular appearances as a talking head on daytime TV. She lives in France with her husband and two teenage children.

Her debut thriller THE CHALET was a top five Sunday Times bestseller and spent three weeks in the Kindle top 100. THE CRUISE is her third novel.

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