Blog Tour Review: Secrets of Windwood

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Secrets of Windwood

Jack Reese

Blog Tour: June 7th – 16th

Supernatural Thriller Fiction

299 pages

About the Book:

Simon Lord has it all—the beautiful fiancé, the loving family, the sprawling mansion, and the famous last name. Little does he know that what is supposed to be the happiest day of his life will become his last. The little town of Solomon’s Wake has managed to keeps its secrets hidden for nearly a century, but no darkness can lie dormant forever. It only takes one fateful night, one storm, one wedding, for a vampire to rise, a werewolf to escape, and a witch’s age-old curse to rise again.

Decades later, the Lord family is a shadow of its former self. Windwood, the Lord family ancestral home, sits in near ruin as Simon Lord lies in a coma, but life goes on. That is until Joshua Lord makes the fateful decision to return to Windwood with his young family. Curses, as young Jenna Lord finds out, do not have an expiration date. The Lords and their friends find themselves battling vicious werewolves, homicidal grandmothers, the unrelenting spirit of a vengeful witch, and their own dark pasts. The only question is, who will make it out of Windwood alive this time?

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My Review:

This reminded me of the old Dallas TV Show. Lots of different characters. Family wealth, passed down from generation to generation. Every character has secrets and a past that is uncovered as the story moves along. There are hidden relationships that come to light, families that seem to be at war with each other and a lot of action.

Of course, you need to add in Werewolves, Witches, Vampires and supernatural curses to the ‘Dallas’ theme to get to the Secrets of Windwood storyline! If you love paranormal books, this is a fun, fast-paced, supernatural ride!


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