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Judy G Walters

291 pages
64 Square Publishing
published June 4, 2021

While the book centers around a busy ER doctor and chess, the main theme is how well do you really know the person you spend time with. It reminded me of the saying that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the fence. I think the quote would be more appropriate that the grass is greener where you care for it. And this book really highlights that quote.

Dr. Jackson is working in the ER when his young son is brought in after drowning and he isn’t able to save him. It shapes his time in the ER and he moves on to another hospital where we follow the staff that works with him. I really like the bond that develops with his coworkers. The genuine respect that shines through and how they are so willing to step in and help each other.

While struggling in his own life, he is unable to see what anyone else is going through, so he assumes it is just his life that is in turmoil. It’s a valuable lesson for everyone to be reminded of. Especially in today’s world of social media where keeping up with the Jones has been taken to new heights. And the author does such a good job of showcasing it over and over within the story.

The book moved along at a good pace and didn’t get stuck in any one spot. And for those, like me, that don’t like to dwell on medical details, the cases in the ER aren’t overly described.

And while it has been such a long time since I played chess, it was a treat to watch as a game between two doctors unfolded throughout the novel. You get a running description as they play their game. And at times there is a picture of the current board. While this was fun, I don’t think you need to know chess to enjoy the book. In fact I’m sure of it because I would probably not last more than a few moves in a chess game.

If you like a good slice into the everyday life of an ER doctor, you’ll love this book. And a special thanks to all whose chosen profession is helping people through their tragedies, including doctors, nurses and all other medical employees!







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