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Murder in Moscow (A Fiona Figg & Kitty Lane Mystery Book 5)

Kelly Oliver

243 pages

Boldwood Books

March 19, 2024




Someday, men’s underestimation of women will return to bite them in the bottom.


Journey into the heart of 20th Century Russia in this fun and funny historical locked room mystery, perfect for fans of Verity Bright, Rhys Bowen, and Helena Dixon.

1918 Moscow

Will following her heart mean losing her head? It could mean losing her job.

Fiona Figg trails her nemesis Fredrick Fredricks to Moscow. But when she arrives at the grand Metropol Hotel, the bounder has vanished.

After Fiona doesn’t show up for work at the War Office, Kitty Lane raises a red flag and tracks her to Russia. Seeking haven at the British Embassy, Kitty and Fiona become embroiled in a plot to overthrow the Bolshevik government.

But the plot turns deadly when Fiona goes undercover as a governess in the household of Iron Viktor, the Bolsheviks’ Head of Secret Police. And when Viktor turns up dead in his study, Fiona finds herself wanted for murder and on the lam.

Can Fiona and Kitty find the real killer and escape the Kremlin before it’s too late? Or will this dangerous game of Russian roulette be their last?


Praise for Murder in Moscow:

‘A fast and fun-filled mystery that checks every box. If you’re new to the series, it stands on its own as an action-packed novel that’s leavened with the dry wit of its indomitable heroine. A 2024 must-read.’ Lori Robbins

‘A fun, mix of whodunnit and thriller!’ T. A. Williams

‘Fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek spy romp. Enjoy the ride!’ Frances Evesham

‘Will keep you turning the pages and laughing all the way!’ Dianne Freeman

The perfect wartime spy; Fiona Figg is smart, sneaky, and full of surprises… A fun whodunit that will keep you turning the pages!’ Cathi Stoler

‘A cross between an Agatha Christie and a Sherlock Holmes sleuthing story. Just brilliant!’ NetGalley Reviewer

‘Simply delightful. Fiona Figg — with her tools, wigs, and disguises — is a sleuth you can’t help but root for.’ S.K. Golden

‘This historical mystery delivers twists and turns. I can’t wait for the next one!’ Muddy Rose Reviews

‘I love Fiona Figg!’ Margaret Mizushima

‘Couldn’t put it down.’ Amazon Reviewer

‘A perfect blend of wit, fun, and intrigue.’ Debra Goldstein

‘I am hooked on these amazing characters.’ Amazon Reviewer

A fun diversion with an entertaining female lead. Kirkus Reviews

‘Fans of Susan Elia MacNeal will gobble up this series! Highly recommend.’ L.A. Chandlar

‘Diabolical plot twists, interesting red herrings, colorful characters, make this a good whodunit.’ NetGalley Reviewer

My Thoughts

This was an enjoyable read in an era in history I don’t see much of. I love anything Romanov and this had just enough to keep me going. The femme fatales as spies was exactly what the month of March needed. The FMC chose the right choice for a lover in the end and I was glad when his secret wasn’t told to the Cheka.

What I didn’t like was some of the names of the characters. It seemed like the author ran out of ideas, gratefully though she at least made the niece to the FMC witty and smart, contrasting to the ditzy costumes she wears when she spies.

About Author  

Kelly Oliver grew up in the Northwest, Montana, Idaho, and Washington states. Her maternal grandfather was a forest ranger committed to saving the trees, and her paternal grandfather was a logger hell bent on cutting them down. On both sides, her ancestors were some of the first settlers in Northern Idaho. In her own unlikely story, Kelly went from eating a steady diet of wild game shot by her dad to becoming a vegetarian while studying philosophy and pondering animal minds. Competing with peers who’d come from private schools and posh families “back East,” Kelly’s working-class backwoods grit has served her well. And much to her parent’s surprise, she’s managed to feed and clothe herself as a professional philosopher.

When she’s not writing mysteries, Kelly Oliver is a Distinguished Professor Emerita of Philosophy at Vanderbilt University. She earned her B.A. from Gonzaga University and her Ph.D. from Northwestern University. She is the author of thirteen scholarly booksten anthologies and over 100 articles, including work on campus rape, reproductive technologies, women and the media, film noir, and Alfred Hitchcock. Her work has been translated into seven languages, and she has published an op-ed on loving our pets in The New York Times. She has been interviewed on ABC television news, the Canadian Broadcasting Network, and various radio programs.

Kelly lives in Nashville with her partner, Benigno Trigo, and her furry family, Mischief, Mayhem, and Mr. Flan.

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