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Miniskirts are Murder
Des Burkinshaw

408 pages
Published March 7, 2021

Book Summary: 

Porter Norton, his friends and his sarcastic spirit guide, The Gliss, are on the trail of a young actress who went missing in Soho, London, in the Swinging Sixties. Still recovering from their last adventure in the battlefields of WW1, the gang are confronted by a transatlantic conspiracy.

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My Review:

I didn’t know quite what to expect when I signed up for this blog tour. The book summary sounded fascinating and the title reminded me of a James Bond, 007 movie.

I loved the paranormal parts of the book. Having not read Book 1, being introduced to The Gliss was a bit confusing at first but once it was explained, it felt like a very positive paranormal spin for a theme. The Gliss also has this stuffy-shirt sense of humor, which reminds me of those sarcastic butlers that are characterized in books and movies, and I instantly like this paranormal ‘ghost’.

The relationship between the 4 friends was fun. Again, without the history of Book 1, I assume these are all new-to-each other friends but they bantered as if they had been together for some time. The parts of the story that focused on the characters or as a group were probably my favorite parts of the story.

The actual storyline was a bit confusing to me. I’m not sure if it’s because I had to start and stop so much at the beginning or if the story, as written, is meant to be spread out in many different directions but I felt very scattered and couldn’t quite follow the story throughout the book without having to really work at it. Just as I would get settled in, the chapter would change to some other event that was going on, be it back in time, or the group began focusing on very serious topics of discussion (that seemed to have nothing to do with the plot). I felt like there were different silo’s of plots for most of the book and while I liked them all, it was some effort on my part to try and find the threads that put it all together. That made it a bit less enjoyable for me.

It may be because I didn’t read Book 1 first, or maybe I’m not used to this writing style, or maybe because I’m just so un-British, ( 😊 ) that my brain had a hard time following the British references and humor, etc.

I really did like the story and the characters but my brain is a wee-bit tired and I’ll need a less complex storyline for my next read. However I will definitely be looking for more reads from this author in the future and be suitably prepared to invest some time at the beginning of the book to get plugged in correctly!

Thank you to Rachel’s Random Resources and the author, Desn Burkinshaw, for having me on this tour. All opinions are my own.

About the Author: 

Des, 52, is a former Times journalist/BBC TV producer. Miniskirts are Murder is the second in the Porter and The Gliss Investigations series, following Dead & Talking in 2019.
Des likes to live out as much of the stories as possible and spent 3 months in the US researching this novel. He runs a film school in London and has just been commissioned to write a limited season TV series intended for Netflix. He is also a keen musician and through work has jammed with people like Paul McCartney, Brian Wilson and Jeff Lynne. He is married with 1 daughter.

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