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I Love It When You Lie
Kristen Bird

352 pages
Published March 14, 2023 | Barnes & NobleAmazonIndieBound 

About the Book: 

The Williams women don’t just keep secrets…

They bury them.

The three Williams girls are as close as sisters can be, and they also share one special trait in common: each of them has a man in her life that she could do without.

Tara, the pastor’s wife, has been stealing money from the church and would prefer that her husband stay out of it. Then there’s June, who would do anything to have a baby of her own, even if her husband is dead set against it. Clementine, the youngest, is entangled in an affair with her professor, a man whose behavior she’s starting to seriously question. Their sister-in-law Stephanie, an outsider, knows all the family dirt and is watching the three of them—and the men in their lives—closely.

When the woman who raised them, their beloved Gran, dies on the eve of her eightieth birthday, the Williams sisters return home to the Appalachian foothills to bury her. But their grandmother won’t be the only one they’ll put in a grave this weekend…because now someone has gone missing in the dark Appalachian woods.

And if Gran has taught them anything, it’s how to get rid of a good-for-nothin’ man.

“Exceptional…. This tale of sisterhood is un-put-downable.”
Publishers Weekly, starred review

“A wicked blend of family secrets, sibling resentment and small-town ways. Wondering how to get away with murder? The Williams sisters know.”
—Lisa Gardner, #1 New York Times bestselling author

“Irresistible and compulsive, this book is packed full of surprises.”
—Samantha Downing, internationally bestselling author of My Lovely Wife

My Review

This was an interesting read.  What starts out as a birthday party for Gran turns out to be her funeral.  From the start we know something has happened to one of the men in the family that attends the funeral, but we don’t know who, what or why.  We do slowly learn that everyone has a secret.  And I do mean everyone.  While a mystery, it is also focused on family, especially the women.  

This one is a very slow burn.  The first half or more of the book is spent getting to know the women of the Williams family.  And what they are capable of.  I waffled back and forth on whether I liked the women and can tell you I didn’t especially love the men, but I was hooked in knowing what happened at the funeral.  I am not a huge fan of slow burn mysteries, but when they get my mind wondering, as this one did, then I have to know what happened.

This is well written with a lot of depth of character.  You need to go into this one to care about the characters and know the mystery eventually works itself out.

This will appeal to those that love women’s fiction and like mysteries that don’t get too gory or scary.


About the author

Kristen Bird lives outside of Houston, Texas with her husband and three daughters. She earned her bachelor’s degree in music and mass media before completing a master’s in literature. She teaches high school English and writes with a cup of coffee in hand. In her free time, she likes to visit parks with her three daughters, watch quirky films with her husband and attempt to keep pace with her rescue lab-mixes.


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