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Her Last Hour: A totally addictive mystery thriller
(Detective Casey White Book 11) 
B. R. Spangler

276 pages
published March 7, 2024

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About the book

She can hear the faint lapping of waves nearby as she tries to open her swollen blue eyes. But all she can see is darkness, there is nothing but the suffocating sand that surrounds her. As her consciousness fades, she wishes she had never trusted him…

When Ruby Evans is abducted on her way home from volunteering at a nursing home in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, Detective Casey White’s heart breaks for the inconsolable mother. Terrible memories flood back of when her own darling daughter was taken twenty years ago. Pushing her own pain aside, Casey vows to find Ruby and bring her home.

After desperately searching the road where Ruby was last seen, Casey receives a letter from someone claiming to be the kidnapper. In cursive red letters, she is warned that she has less than twenty-four hours to find Ruby alive. And when forensics reveal the letter was written in blood, Casey knows this isn’t a hoax.

Working around the clock, Casey is devastated when her team hit another dead end, and she’s shattered when Ruby’s body is discovered buried on the beach—she’s too late.

Now looking for a twisted killer, Casey is shocked when she receives a call from an evil predator she put behind bars ten years ago. He says he knows who the killer is, and will help Casey in exchange for his freedom. Casey refuses, but when she receives another letter, she is forced to reconsider. Because the killer promises the next victim will be someone much closer to her, and the clock is ticking.

With only hours left, Casey has to decide if she’s prepared to free one evil monster to catch another, and if she doesn’t, will her loved ones pay the ultimate price?

An absolutely addictive crime thriller that will have you racing through the pages! Fans of Robert Dugoni, Lisa Regan and Kendra Elliot will be totally hooked.

My Review

The case of the book was intense and personal for detective Casey White.  I love that this one had updates on the children Casey and Jericho are working to adopt.

The way this unfolded reminded me a little of a crime show.  There were chapters about Casey and her team, the victim and the bad guy.  An old nemesis that Casey put in jail also presents a problem for her.  There was a no-nonsense approach to a missing girl.  I thought the bad guy leaving messages in a bottle was a unique communication method and the odds intensified once there was a second missing girl.

I really like Casey.  She’s tough, courageous and relatable.  She’s good at her job and works tirelessly to get justice.

I’m also a fan of the author’s writing style.  It makes the book so easy to read.  This is book 11 in the series, but it is easily read as a stand along as the necessary plot points needed from previous books are filled in by the author.

I’m such a fan of Casey, her team and her family.  It’s a great read for anyone that’s a fan of detective novels.

About the author:

By day, B.R. Spangler pushes pixels, typing lines of code. When he’s not developing software, or elbows deep in hardware, he is writing stories, plotting thrillers, or reading.

B.R. Spangler lives in Virginia with his wife and kids, as well as five cats, a parrot, a finch, a lizard.

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