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Fires of Hate
Heather Peck

278 pages
Silverwood Books
published March 28, 2022


After a successful day in court, Greg Geldard is hoping to clear up some routine cases. Then a government laboratory receives a mysterious threat, a terrorist attack precipitates a multi-agency emergency response and his investigations are seriously compromised by interference from the security service.

The enquiries lead down dangerous paths, with both Greg and someone he cares for put at risk, before he runs the perpetrators to ground. Then he’s posed an ethical conundrum in court. Can hate ever be wholly sane?

Fires of Hate continues the Greg Geldard series; a compelling narrative of crime, emotion, and one man’s fight to do the best he can.

My review

If you’ve followed my reviews, you’ll know that crime novels are my thing.  And again, I have picked up a series in the middle, but it doesn’t seem to matter as this is a stand alone crime in the world of the same characters.  While crime novels are usually plot driven, Heather has developed her characters so they are relatable.  I can also tell the amount of research she has done to be accurate in her details.  The story flows and is filled with tension.  I may have just found my next crime series to follow.



Heather Peck is the author of the Greg Geldard series of murder mysteries, set in rural North Yorkshire and Norfolk. Her long career in both the policy and muddy-boots practice of agriculture is immediately apparent in the books, which are firmly and colourfully set in the world of farming and farmers. Although it has to be admitted that the Norfolk Broads and coast also feature.

Born in Stoke-on-Trent, she blames their many family holidays on farms for the interests that led her to work in the Ministry of Agriculture / Defra (her farmer husband was regularly described as sleeping with the enemy) and also to the commercial breeding of both sheep and alpacas.

Alongside her writing, in which she is ably supported by two canine assistants, she is Chair of Lantra UK, a Trustee of Norfolk Citizens Advice and volunteers as a Citizens Advice adviser and in the Witness Service. She has recently put her name forward to train as a Covid vaccinator. As she says, ‘all that experience of vaccinating sheep and alpacas should come in handy – provided I remember not to turn anyone upside down and don’t mark the backs of their necks with wax crayon when dosed.’

She hopes to grow up to be Granny Weatherwax – or a Lady who Lunches – either will do.

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