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Deep Level
Richard E. Rock

Published Oct 1, 2020
149 pages

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When Rich stumbles upon a secret Victorian underground network, he sees not only a great historical discovery, but also a way out of his humdrum life. He convinces three of his friends to join him, and together they venture deep into the maze of tunnels beneath London’s bustling streets.

A rude girl made good. An aspiring writer. A cinema usher from Wales. A bookseller who dreams of being an urban explorer. Four friends trapped together in one nightmarish situation as they realise some things are kept secret for a reason.

Will any of them manage to escape the horror that lurks in the DEEP LEVEL?



Lately, I’ve been feeling like it’s time to sit down and really sink my teeth into a good horror story. I do have Stephen King’s If It Bleeds on my bookshelf, staring me down every time I glance in its general direction. But I’ve been wanting something different.

When the Blog Tour for Deep Level came along, I thought this would be a great opportunity to try a new voice in the Horror genre and satisfy my craving for a good scary read. I was right! This book was so much fun!!

Comical best friends, an underground exploring adventure in the tunnels under London, some creepy crawlies (honestly, those I could ALWAYS do without), age-old secrets revealed and some really, really scary action scenes.

Of course, I read the last half of this book at night, in bed. I was so scared. Holding my breath, racing to the next page to see what was going to happen. It. Was. FABULOUS!! I loved it!

I loved that the book was only 149 pages. I read it in one evening, which was actually perfectly matched to the quick pace of the book. If you are looking for a fun, scary, adventure read, this should be the next book you pick up!

I’d also like to say a special thank you to the author for his personal note in the book.  I’ll keep this book on my shelves forever!



ABOUT THE AUTHOR:  By day, Richard E. Rock works as a commercial scriptwriter for radio and contributes ideas to Viz Comic. But by night…he writes horror.

He was inspired to do this after experiencing a series of particularly ferocious nightmares. After waking up and realizing he could turn these into utterly horrible stories, he started deliberately inducing them.

Based in Wales, he lives with his girlfriend and their cat. If you’re looking for him, you’ll probably find him wedged up against the barrier at a heavy metal gig, for that is his natural habitat.
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