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Crooked Shadow
Andy Maslen

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Don’t mess with the Wolfe pack … Many years ago, a corrupt cop staged a kidnapping that fractured a British diplomat’s family. Now the adult son and daughter unite on a bloody quest to avenge their parents’ deaths. Gabriel Wolfe is ex-SAS and now a Government troubleshooter: trained to kill and focused on revenge. Tara is a former triad bodyguard.

The trail takes them from the Suffolk coast to Hong Kong, and then on, in a dizzying chase, to southern Spain and finally deep into Serbia. A warlord with the blood of innocents on his hands

Ratko Popovich ran a militia during the Bosnian war. The White Wolves were feared for their ruthless brutality. But when the wind changed and the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia ground into gear, Popovich bailed out, leaving his men to their fate. He now runs an organised crime gang called The Golden Bough.

The life of luxury Popovich has enjoyed for so many years is about to unravel as Gabriel and Tara Wolfe, now known as Wei Mei, arrive asking difficult questions about his former associates. ‘I do’

Alongside his search for the bent cop, Gabriel is also struggling to accept the different life on offer thanks to his girlfriend Eli’s proposal of marriage.

Can he continue to operate free from fear when his wife, also a Department assassin, would give his enemies additional leverage?

So many dead Gabriel and Mei think they have cornered the man they came to kill, but life is never simple for the Wolfe siblings and a disaster ensues, splitting them apart. With Mei’s life forfeit if he makes a single wrong move, Gabriel must draw deep on his well of courage and mental strength to save his sister. He know what it means to lose the ones he loves and is determined not to fail. But does Popovich have one final, shocking move left?

My Review

It’s been so long since I’ve read a military thriller where the hero saves the world, but alas in this installment, the protagonist is out for himself.  Revenge. This is the 12th book in the series, but my first.  The author does a good job of catching you up with Gabriel’s backstory.  

Gabriel has been hunting bad guys for a long time and has a lot of baggage. He’s seeing his dead ex.  He’s newly engaged to another hero.  He’s looking for revenge with the triad that kidnapped his sister many years ago and ruined his family.  

This book is action packed and takes you on a journey around the world, or maybe it just feels that way since all the locales are so far from me.  I enjoyed the bond that grew between Gabriel and his sister as they kicked ass.   It added so much and made it different from the other hero books I’ve read. 

This was like reading an action movie.  If you’re a fan of the Mitch Rapp series when Vince Flynn was the author or the Scott Horvath series by Brad Thor, you’re going to love this book.







Andy Maslen was born in Nottingham, England. After leaving university with a degree in psychology, he worked in business for thirty years as a copywriter.

Andy wrote his first story, about an alien living on a faraway planet, when he was six: he has it still. He’s been writing ever since, beginning with student journalism and continuing throughout his adult life with poetry and short stories as well as thrillers.

He is the author of the best-selling Inspector Ford, Gabriel Wolfe and Stella Cole series. Andy began his fiction career as a self-published author, before securing a publishing deal with Thomas & Mercer.

In his spare time, he plays blues guitar. He lives in Wiltshire.





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