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Book Details:

Book Title Chipper Makes Merry by Kimber Fox Morgan
Category: Children’s Fictions (Ages 3-7)
Genre: Children’s Picture Book
Publisher:  Simple Wonder Press, 34 pages
Release date:  October 2021
Content Rating:  Rated G – Suitable for All Ages


Book Description:

A “Mom’s Choice Award Winner”!

Tip toe, tip toe, crackle, crunch!

​Chipper the Fox sneaks through the forest to spread cheer to his weary friends. Will his merry making be a success? Or will a smelly fish disaster and a log pile tumble ruin his plans?

“Chipper Makes Merry” takes you on Chipper’s arctic quest filled with lessons of love, kindness and determination.

My Review:
I loved Chipper, I loved the other animals, I loved the meaning in all the story. So often people get so wrapped in their own troubles that they don’t realize what others are going through. The holidays are hard on so many people so its nice to read a story that focuses on helping others. My daughter loved sitting in my lap to read this story and I have a feeling we will be reading it again. The illustrations gave me a vintage Christmas vibe and went very well with the flow of the tale. I hope to see more from Kimber Fox Morgan.

Meet the Author:

Morgan is a fun wife, and imperfect mom of 3 crazy kiddos and 2 little lemon (problematic) dogs. She tries to live her strengths the best she can. She likes to say she is creative, not crafty. Morgan is a homemade Halloween costume type of mom. She lets her kids mix the play doh. She bakes fun birthday cakes (cutely, but far from perfection). She loves a homemade valentine and a school project. Chipper the Fox is an extension of Morgan’s creative strength. Originally designed as character to create merry during the holiday season, Chipper has grown and developed into a story of determination and love.

Connect with the author: Website ~ Instagram  ~ Facebook

Our interview with Morgan:

The Book Review Crew – Interview Questions Chipper Makes Merry by Kimber Fox Morgan

1. What was your favorite book as a child? I LOVED Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That would be my absolute favorite, however there are so many that hold a special place in my heart. Where the Sidewalk Ends, Superfudge,Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. My kids were also HUGE fans of Elephant & Piggieand all of Mo William’s books, so I fell in love with them as well.
2. What genre do you write and why? Children’s books! I LOVE children’s books and adolescent literature. I developed my love of reading when I was a child and the imagery in children’s books can be so powerful. I created the character, Chipper the Fox, as part of a holiday kit for busy parents. I know longer make the kits, but Chipper had a story to tell! It was a great transition into my first book!
3. What is the most courageous thing you’ve ever done? I don’t know if I would call it courageous anymore, or just rather dumb! But I bungee jumped 300 feet off a swinging bridge in Austria when I was 22. When I called home to tell my mother, she hung up on me and would not talk to me for 2 weeks! Now I am a mother, and I completely understand her reaction.
4. If you could invite one person to dinner, who would it be and what would you cook? Dan Levy!  I am a huge “Schitt’s Creek” fan and I just feel like I want to be his friend! I would also like to pick his brain on how he developed all the stories and characters. As for what I would cook, its hard to answer because I’m not that great of a cook! But I feel like he would love my signature charcuterie board and Bloody Mary bar!
5. What book is currently on your bedside table? The Paper Palace by Miranda Cowley Heller. Just started it yesterday and I might have it read by tonight! I read fast when I like the book!
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