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Nerds Gone Wild
Mister Victor

225 Pages
October 11, 2021

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Dive, wade or simply belly flop your way through our world’s unplanned journey in which nerds have been busily (though mostly inadvertently) inheriting the earth, while the rest of us have been lost in our smartphones, glued to our computer/TV screens, or were ordering a pizza and binging on Netflix.

In this terribly humorous account, we discover how the wild rise of nerds, and their mesmerizing technology, have completely redefined society, thereby affecting every facet of our lives including:

  • How we interact – OMG, do not call me or stop by, I’ll text you
  • How we work – Virtually all the time
  • What we eat – Why the snack aisle in the grocery store is the world’s most popular travel destination
  • How we dress – Why our sense of fashion has been sadly diagnosed to be in Stage IV
  • What news we consume – Look here, I told you I was right
  • And speaking of sports – Why national team sports are headed to the penalty box, forever

Explore how our highly stressed lives and natural world are perilously close to a collapse not seen since the Trojans remodeled their public square with a fetching horse. and then discover who may, indeed, be our unexpected saving grace.

Author Guest Post 

Inspiration – Mister Victor

Inspiration is a peculiar thing

Flipping one over like handspring

It bustles about going here and there

Picking out targets out of thin air

From the depths of the dark

It can strike quite a spark

Or shine as beacon of light

From a hill of great height

Sometimes marching so grand

Like a brass regimental band

And sometimes covering its tracks

Slipping silent between the cracks

Where it goes and who it chooses

Often determines who wins or loses

But when it takes hold

Who knows what may unfold

For its power instills dynamic resolve

Which even laziness cannot dissolve

Causing tremors and excitement

And to the mundane, an indictment

It can change things near and far

And can even change who you are

And so do we tarry, and say a prayer

Pining for an inspiration a love affair

Author Bio

Mister Victor began writing his bio in utero, and plans on working on it until his death.  Born with the name Victor Bjorge, he picked up his pen name when he was interning as an elementary school teacher.  The children in his classroom simply decided that it was much better name for him because it rhymed, and it didn’t involve pesky unexpected arrangements of consonants in his last name.

After teaching, and finishing up college in poli sci and journalism, he has been experiencing a long and chronic career in the technology sector, ground zero for nerds.

Currently, living in New York, he is teaching a master class in writing to his pet hamster, Luís, who’s very eager, but has real concentration issues, and is currently being evaluated for ADHD (Attention Deficit Hamster Deportment).

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