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Mischief Maker
Bruce Nesmith

384 Pages
Published April 30, 2021
Craig Martelle, Inc

Kindle Sale – $2.99 until November 20

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From the lead designer of Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim comes an epic journey into Norse Mythology. What if Loki was never the bad guy?

Loki, once a god, now nothing more than a stage magician in modern-day Chicago…

…his enemies from a thousand years ago have long memories.

Victors wrote the history, and Loki was blamed for the sins of the Norse gods. They can’t let him live in peace.

He has to set aside his new life to settle old grudges while coming to terms with what it means to be a man.

And a god.

If Loki fails, the nine realms will fall.

This is not superhero fiction. Mischief Maker breathes new life into Norse mythology, reinterpreting the legends through Loki’s modern lens.

Mischief Maker could be one of the best stories you read this year. Try it today.

Author Guest Post

Every author has their own process. Mine is to write the story, beginning to end, focusing on the plot. Once that is done, I go back through and layer in other aspects. For example, in Mischief Maker, I went through the entire book and made sure Manny was present everywhere he needed to be and had something fun or important to say. Unfortunately, he was an easy character to forget. On another pass, I when through and added the pranks that Loki played on everyone. It’s really easy to get caught up in the plot and forget to maintain things like this. So I take care of them with subsequent passes.

Author Bio

I’m a midwest guy born and bred. At least I thought I was until I moved to the east coast. Now I’m a bit of both. I love different things about each of those two areas of the country. Professionally, each contributed something different to my career path.

I started out working for TSR, Inc. in Wisconsin. I did two tours of duty there, as a programmer for a bit, but primarily as a writer and game designer. I wrote all kinds of things from Dungeons & Dragons materials, Marvel Superheroes products, Gamma World supplements, and board games. I had the great honor of turning Tracy Hickman’s Ravenloft adventure into a campaign setting.

Eventually, I left the halls of TSR, Inc. for the green, Maryland pastures of Bethesda Softworks, maker of video games. I worked on Elder Scrolls games and Fallout games. I had a second great honor of being the lead designer on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Throughout all of this, I’ve had a love of fantasy and science fiction, in books, movies, and games. The best way to reach out to me is on my Facebook page.

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