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Best’s Practices: Encouraging Confidence and Relationship-Building
Bianca Clark

December 3, 2022
Poshb Publishing
58 pages

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“Practicing what you learned today will help build your confidence, poise, and elegance. Always remember that this is what makes us the best!”

London, her older sister, Cierra or CeCe, and Malachi or Cai, their teenage brother, listened to their parents’ wise words and realized that the only way to improve, avoid common mistakes, and grow as a person would be to invest in themselves.

If you had to summarize this book’s main theme in a single quote, that would be it.

Introducing “Best’s Practices” By Bianca Clark: A Must-Read Motivation & Mentorship Book For Pre Teens Who Want To Develop Their Life Skills

This fun and educational personal growth book for teens is here to help teenagers and their parents gain an in-depth understanding of how to encourage confidence and promote personal development through the real-life scenarios and adventures of London and her family.

Top 3 Key Takeaways From This Inspirational Book For Teens:

Written for aspiring teens and parents alike, this book is a great conversation starter that provides all the essentials tools and resources you need to learn:

✅ How to improve your conversation and communication skills

✅ How to think outside the box and build your confidence

✅ How to handle being outside of your comfort zone

But Wait… That’s Not All!

Following the different situations that London, CeCe, and Cai find themselves in, you will be able to understand the psyche of a teenager with fears, aspirations, and inexperience and start conversations that will help:

✔️ Understand how to keep yourself motivated

✔️ Learn how to build a professional network and practice for a job interview

✔️ Discover how to prepare yourself for a difficult situation

✔️ Identify your professional strengths and weaknesses

✔️ Embrace yourself and learn daily affirmations that will boost your confidence

And The Best Part?

Instead of a self-development book that lists facts, this easy-to-read and entertaining book will help get the message across without boring your daughter, son, niece, nephew, or grandkids.

Author Bio: 

Bianca Clark is native to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She received her Bachelor of Science in Marketing and her Master of Science in Organizational Leadership from Cabrini University in Radnor, Pennsylvania. Bianca is an aerospace professional with a passion for writing and creating fun, diverse methods for skill learning and advancement. Bianca currently resides in Connecticut. 

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