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All the Lies They Did Not Tell 

Pablo Trincia

255 Pages
August 1, 2022
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The accusations. The suspicions. The devastating impact. This is the true story of the Devils of the Bassa Modenese—the most notorious Satanic Panic investigation in the history of Italy.

In 1997 a six-year-old boy questioned by authorities relayed disturbing stories of abuse. The more he talked, the more people were implicated in his shocking revelations. And he was only the first child to come forward.

Within a year, in two towns of the Bassa region of Italy, fifteen more children with similar tales were taken from their families and transferred to protected locations. Their parents were accused of belonging to a sect of satanic pedophiles who performed nighttime rituals in cemeteries under the guidance of a well-known local priest, Don Giorgio Govoni. With each child’s confession, the network of monsters they described grew and involved fathers, mothers, brothers, uncles, and acquaintances.

Except there were no adult witnesses and only circumstantial evidence. No one ever saw or heard anything. What was really happening in the Bassa Modenese? Italian investigative journalist Pablo Trincia returned to the scene of the crimes to find the answer. Together with his colleague Alessia Rafanelli, Trincia spent three years examining court records, interviewing experts and people involved, and visiting the places where the events took place. And the truth he uncovered is as terrifying as the lies.

“I quickly realized that this was not a story about pedophilia or Satanism,” Trincia explains. “It was much bigger than that. It had to do with mass hysteria, false memories, the justice system, the foster care system and much more.”

My Review

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This was the first book I read upon arriving in Belgium. I was immediately intrigued to read a story about the Satanic Panic in a setting outside of America where we see most of the coverage from. That being said the subject matter is not for the faint of heart, as a true crime junkie I was so enthralled in the story and I knew from the beginning of this book that Pablo Trincia was going to tell the story in a way that put the victims first and didn’t glamorous the glory details. I think Pablo Trincia being a journalist really adds to the book and the story putting the facts and details in the spotlight which paired with his passion for this story created a wonderful novel where  the writing is done in an excellent, intriguing way.

I was hooked right away and needed to know just exactly what was happening to these families and what the outcome truly was for those involved. I struggled between not wanting to believe the events could be possible and knowing that something was seriously wrong in this small town. My heart broke for these families, the children and everyone involved.

It’s hard to say much without giving away spoilers, if you’re interested and looking for looking for an eye opening read that tackles some dark topics this one is for you!

About the Author

Pablo Trincia has worked as an award-winning correspondent and writer for print media, TV, and the web. In 2017, he and his colleague Alessia Rafanelli wrote the podcast Veleno, a highly acclaimed investigative audio series released in eight episodes on The investigation reopened the case of the Devils of the Bassa Modenese, one of the darkest and most controversial cases the Italian legal system has tackled in recent years.








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