Binding Fate, a review by Corina

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Binding Fate
Katarina Martinez



214 pages
February 20, 2024

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I don’t think he was expecting to be soul bounded to someone who would constantly challenge him. It’s fun to watch.

King Oberon, the dictator has been ruling the kingdom of Elornia ever since the First War. Elementals based on their element are assigned roles and duties for jobs, but when Corvina and her family have a deadly situation in front of them, their only option was to run. Corvina gets wounded and she is the last one to take care of her nephew, Atticus a prince from the neighboring kingdom Kyrell-her soul bound unbeknownst to Corvina rescues her and takes her and her nephew to Kyrell, where the atmosphere heats up right before a war.

I loved, loved, loved this! There is a small part because my name is only a letter change from the FMCs. I loved how the FMC was a feisty stabby heroine and how the MMC was protective but not in a patronizing way. He allowed her to be herself while giving off this “touch her and 💀” vibe. Fallon, Lis and the FMC make such a dynamic trio-I can’t wait to see all three again in #2 in The Fated Series. I hope to see a rekindling of the FMC and her mother as well.

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