Better Left Unsent, a review by Shelley

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Lia Louis

Atria | Emily Bestler Books
Publication Date: May 21st, 2024
384 Pages
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Lia Louis’ previous books broke me because they were so emotional, heartbreakingly sad and so raw as well as real, and that is the reason Dear Emmie Blue will forever be tattooed on my heart. Eight Perfect Hours and The Key to My Heart both got to my emotions as well and pulled at my heartstrings. These are qualities I found missing from Better Left Unsent.

First I am going to write about some of the things I did like about the book. I liked the premise of the book, the idea of your draft folder being sent out by mistake, especially when it contains your deepest thoughts like a journal or a diary…you know the kinds of things you’d LIKE to say but can’t. This really isn’t a romance, it’s more about Millie finding herself and her voice, the romance is secondary to the plot but is still swoon worthy. I liked Millie and Jack together and there was definitely chemistry between them. The writing is solid and the book has many humourous moments that had me laughing out loud. I loved most of the side characters, especially Cate and Ralph. Millie had some amazing friends and support there.

What I wasn’t a fan of was how slow-going the book was, it seemed to drag and there was a lot of repetitiveness. Over and over again Millie tries to make up for the emails being sent, even though it isn’t her fault. Millie also seemed very immature for her age and I found some of her behaviour terribly frustrating at times. All that aside, Louis remains a favourite author and I would absolutely read more from her and I recommend all her other works unequivocally.

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