Beneath a Blanket of Snow, a review by Di

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Beneath a Blanket of Snow
Arlene Lomazoff-Marron

354 pages
Kindle Edition
July 21, 2020

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This book takes place in an upper-class community of the privileged and entitled. People with high paying white-collar jobs. People that live there would not ever consider “thrifting” or even shopping at a discount “middle class” grocery store though the same item would cost much less. It’s all about appearances and attitudes.

Naturally, such a scenario would be an ideal set up for readers to be witness to drama and downfall, unbefitting people living in such a lifestyle. And so it happens!

The story has one main family as the central plot and subplots revolving around 3 other families. All of them are friends. One by one, very serious events affect each of these families. It was interesting to watch how each character coped with their crises.

There are so many themes floating throughout the book. Forgiveness, second chances, loyalty, redemption, resilience and of course secrets!

The only thing that I found bothersome in this book was that the phrase “Muscle Memory” was mentioned four times before I got halfway through reading it. But, I’m picky about details, most people would not have even noticed.

I started this book with absolutely no expectations. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It was a fast read and entertaining. I did find that the drama affecting all 4 friends was a little too coincidental. But, I read to be entertained. In some ways, it reminded me of the families on Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives. This is not a bad thing. I enjoyed that show.

Many thanks to Arlene Lomazoff-Marron for providing me with a copy in exchange for a review.

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