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Before the Crown
Flora Harding

267 pages
Published September 17, 2020 by One More Chapter

Whenever I read a book that is a fictionalized biography, I wonder where the fiction ends and the facts start. And, so is the case about this tale about Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip. 

The book is about their relationship from early days, through the war, through their friendship, to their courtship up to their marriage. It is very interesting to see how each of their personalities are portrayed. From the research the author has done, I can assume there is a fair bit of accuracy.

It is not a passionate and romantic love affair. They are very respectful to each other. It is a marriage of political convenience but it is wanted by both of them. Directly from the book: They are two members of a royal family negotiating a marriage that will be beneficial for them both.

Of course, the Prime Minister and the heads of the Commonwealth governments must be informed. So far beyond the realm of my own thought process.

They both seem to care for the other more than they can admit or demonstrate. It is interesting to watch their relationship mature.

A very interesting peek into what life inside the Royal Family involves. No big surprises but a lot of affirmation.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an advance copy for review purposes.



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