Before I Let Go, a review by Kristin

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Before I Let Go
Kennedy Ryan

November 15, 2022
402 pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Marriage & Divorce

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“Grief is a grind. It is the work of breathing and waking and rising and moving through a world that feels emptier. A gaping hole has been torn into your existence, and everyone around you just walks right past it like it’s not even there.”

This is one of the most beautiful, raw, sad, emotional, and real books that I have ever read. This is another booksta made me read it and it didn’t disappoint. Yasmen and Josiah were couple goals until they weren’t. They experienced devastation after devastation and their marriage couldn’t handle it. Yasmen fell apart. But after some time, her and Josiah found a way to co-exist as parents and business partners. But there’s glances, and a kiss. It leads to more kisses, and more intimacy. But as they continue this path, old wounds are opened. Is it too late for them to find their way back to each other?

This book left me speechless. I hurt, I cried, I smiled all while I was reading this book. It really was so raw and real. Ryan has a way with words that provoke emotion out of the reader. It was heartbreaking and breathtaking.

I loved how Ryan showed that there are multiple ways to deal with grief, neither were right or wrong, but they were true to the character. For some, grief is debilitating. For others, they do best when they trudge forward. Equally as important, Ryan showed us what happens when we don’t deal with our grief. How going forward, our lives can seem lost to us. So she included a lot of therapy talk and how it is used to help heal. It was so beautiful. Especially because Josiah was against it, and then he went and saw the benefits. We know so many that are against therapy and think it’s hogwash.

I genuinely felt the connection between Yasmen and Josiah. It was a connection I’ve never felt between characters before.

There are some trigger warnings that come with this book: stillbirth and miscarriage. However, Ryan handles these with such grace.

I could go on and on, but I’ll stop gushing. I really highly recommend this book for anyone that can handle those triggers. I can’t wait to read more by Ryan.

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