Becoming Madam Secretary, a review by Sherry

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Becoming Madam Secretary
Stephanie Dray

528 pages
Berkley Publishing
published March 12, 2024

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Thanks to Berkley Publishing and PRH Audio for my gifted book and audiobook.  #BerkleyPartner Berkley #PRHAudioInfluencer

Am I the only one that thinks my high school history classes were seriously lacking?  I’m not sure I ever heard of Frances Perkins before picking this one up.  And she led a fascinating life.  This was the perfect International Women’s Day read.  And it was an amazing read.

She helped create social security after being the first woman to serve in a presidential cabinet position.  And did I mention she also was also the longest serving secretary of labor?  As a woman in a time when women were undervalued in the workplace, she accomplished so much.  As her story starts, she isn’t even eligible to vote!!!

Her life is fascinating.  I was equally intrigued in her early and personal life as I was with what she achieved in her career.  Her life wasn’t easy yet she was such an accomplished woman. 

Some of the read was sad as she fought to help eradicate child labor in the US and help those that couldn’t help themselves out of poverty.  Her life outside of work wasn’t always easy.  The illness that her husband suffered through and the time she spent away from her family for her career left marks. 

And learning a little about FDR and his rise to power.  I wondered what I had gotten myself into when this 500 page book showed up, but it really was a quick read.

I flipped back and forth between my book and audiobook and Cassandra Campbell did a terrific job narrating this one and bringing Frances to life. She sounded just like I thought Frances would sound and kept me interested in the story.

I recommend this one.  Highly!

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