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Beth Moran

Boldwood Books
Publication Date January 11th, 2023
345 pages
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I was expecting a fun, lighthearted read but this book is so much more than that. This is my third book (this year!) by Beth Moran, both Just The Way You Are and Let It Snow were also four star reads for me. Her books always evoke a lot of emotions as they are a little bit romantic, a little bit humourous, and are written with a lot of heart.

This story has characters that will touch you in unexpected ways, all of them have real life issues that they deal with in a realistic way. I connected to them and wanted them to overcome their obstacles and be true to themselves because I really cared about what happened to them. I know Marion is the main character in this and I adored her but Scarlett was my favourite character. She was just so loving and wise. And I have to mention how much I adored Valarie, she was so smart with all her facts.

The main plotline is Marion trying to find out about her dad and a mysterious photo but I honestly felt that was secondary as the characters and community of the camp were at the forefront of the story. It is told from the point of view of Marion and we also get flashbacks to her childhood. That made me angry, her mother was a real piece of work, and even though she had her reasons I couldn’t help feeling mad at her and so bad for Marion. In the end Marion realizes she is a lot stronger than she thinks and I cheered her on while she progressed and came into her own.

I wholeheartedly recommend this and ALL of Beth Moran’s books I’ve mentioned. Let it Snow would make an excellent holiday read!

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the Advance Readers Copy.

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