Bakeries and Buffoonery, a review by Kristie

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Bakeries and Buffoonery
Elizabeth Pantley

333 pages
Published Feb 15, 2023



This one was really cute and fun! Our book club friends have found themselves in a cake contest obsessed town full of…fairies? Through some crazy competition and delicious cakes, Vee shows off her cake baking skills, revealing to the group that her day job is at a bakery!

Finding out who the bakery owners are, getting to know them, and participating in contests themselves, Sebastian, Vee, Zell, Glo, Paige, Atticus, Moonbeam, Forest, Frank, and now Mollie are able to search for clues and solve the mystery of the cake contest murders.

I was so surprised by who the murderer was, but their solution to it was so great and really helped to wrap things up for everyone to have a happy ending!


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