Babysitter, a review by Kristin

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By: Joyce Carol Oates

Publication Date: August 23, 2022
Published By: Knopf Publishing
448 pages

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Copied from Goodreads: In the waning days of the turbulent 1970s, in the wake of unsolved killings that have shocked Detroit, the lives of several residents are drawn together, with tragic consequences. There is Hannah, wife of a prominent local businessman, who has begun an affair with a darkly charismatic stranger whose identity remains elusive; Mikey, a canny street hustler who finds himself on an unexpected mission to rectify injustice; and the serial killer known as Babysitter, an enigmatic and terrifying figure at the periphery of elite Detroit. As Babysitter continues his rampage of killings, these individuals intersect with one another in startling and unexpected ways.

I struggled with this book. I think it was a matter of me just not meshing well with this author and her style. It wasn’t bad – it just wasn’t for me. There were times I had trouble following the plot and I was very confused. Because of this, it was hard for me to get into and I felt like I had to force myself to get through it.

There was a great plot line in there underneath all of this, and those parts I really did enjoy. However, with the title of the book being Babysitter, I expected there to be more focus on the babysitter and less on Hannah’s affair.

Overall, for those who love this author, you’ll enjoy this book.



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