Ava Comes Home, a review by Di

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Lesley Crewe

Vagrant Press
January 2008
315 pages

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I love reading books set in Canada, especially in areas that I am familiar with. Lesley Crewe lives in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. This is the setting for all her books. I discovered her a few years ago and have read 4 of her previous books.

This book is one of her older books, published in 2008. It’s a sweet book. Easy and fast read. It is about a well known Hollywood actress who returns to her home (after being away for 10 years) in Cape Breton because her mother is seriously ill. I loved the setting. The characters are so typically β€œdown east” and down to earth people.

It is interesting to see how an author has evolved over the years. It is really apparent after reading this book. While Ms Crewe’s writing style is still not flowery and over the top, this book is much simpler than the more recent ones. Both in plot and writing style. I think if I had started reading her books years ago, it would not be as evident to me. This is not meant as a negative comment….we all evolve as we go through life.

Like all of Ms Crewe’s books, this one was entertaining. Good story, some amusing parts, great characters. I love people from Atlantic Canada (I’m married to one!). Easy for the author to do, she lives where her books take place.

In my opinion, the journey to the ending was a little overdramatic. But the ending was as it should be. It ends up being a love story but not necessarily what I would call a β€œromance”.

I love books that make me smile when I am done.

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