The Girls We Sent Away, a review by Di

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THE GIRLS WE SENT AWAY Meagan Church Sourcebooks Landmark March 5, 2024 352 pages Goodreads | Amazon | This is a book about the “Baby Scoop” of the 1960s. Unwed teen mothers were sent away, confined to a home … Continued

The Days That Followed, a review by Jenn

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The Days That Followed: An EMP Thriller and Dystopian Novel Hailey Gosack February 8, 2021 305 Pages Goodreads | | Amazon Genre: Action & Adventure, Science Fiction – Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Thrillers – Suspense, Dystopian In the heartbeat of … Continued

My Side of the River, a review by Di

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MY SIDE OF THE RIVER Elizabeth Camarillo Gutierrez St Martin’s Press February 13, 2024 272 pages Goodreads | | Amazon This is a memoir by a young girl who was born in the US to undocumented parents from Mexico. … Continued

The Housemaid, a review by Di

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THE HOUSEMAID Frieda McFadden Bookouture April 26, 2022 338 pages Goodreads | | Amazon What the heck did I just read??? 🤯 This is one of the creepiest, darkest, most disturbing books I have ever read. Yet, I could … Continued

Bye, Baby, a review by Di

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👶👶👶👶 BYE, BABY Carola Lovering Goodreads | | Amazon St Martin’s Press March 5, 2024 352 pages I love a good psychological thriller, but there are so many on the market, that a lot of them have become formulaic. I … Continued

One True Loves, a review by Di

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ONE TRUE LOVES Taylor Jenkins Reid Washington Square Press June 7, 2016 352 pages Goodreads | Amazon | Years ago, there was a movie, Move Over Darling, with Doris Day and James Garner. The man’s wife goes missing in … Continued

Still Point, a review by Di

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STILL POINT Tammy Greenwood Kensington Books February 20, 2024 399 pages Goodreads | | Amazon | This is a story about ballet. It is a story about mothers and daughters. But, it is a story about so much more. … Continued

The Trouble With You, a review by Di

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📝📝📝📝 THE TROUBLE WITH YOU Ellen Feldman St Martins Press February 20, 2024 368 pages Goodreads | | Amazon This book is set mostly in the 1950s, in New York City. Fanny is a young widow, bringing up a … Continued

Blog Tour Review: Mirror Image

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Mirror Image by Fran Lewis February 5-9, 2024 Book Blast The mystical mirror has seen many faces, some innocent and some deserving of punishment. This is the mirror of truth, and it punishes evildoers severely. As the book unfolds, each … Continued