Author Spotlight: Michelle Sagara

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Every now and then, The Book Review Crew members will be taking just a few minutes to talk about some noteworthy authors. They could be all-time favorites, a new notable author, or an indie author we feel deserves more attention.

Regardless of the reason, each author featured is the creator of novels we just can’t get enough of, and we’ll give you a brief introduction and idea of how to get started with their work of fiction!

Today’s author spotlight is: Michelle Sagara

Who is Michelle Sagara?

Michelle Sagara is one of my favorite fantasy authors (which explains why I picked her for this month!). She also writes under Michelle West and Michelle Sagara West, so keep that in mind when shopping around for her books!

Her novels are always extremely detailed, creating worlds full of life, intricate plots, and complicated characters. Her series are the ones I go to when I’m looking for an involved political fantasy plot or when I’m craving an elaborate fantasy world.

I fell in love with Michelle Sagara’s writing years ago when I first stumbled upon her Chronicles of Elantra series. Since then, I’ve been slowly working through the rest of her catalog and can’t recommend her enough.

One of the reasons Michelle Sagara popped to mind this month is because she recently created a Patreon account. I’m not pushing for people to run over and sign up (though obviously, feel free to do so). However, she’s been on my mind a lot because I did sign up. And I’ve been enjoying her updates.

Series Starters

Cast in Shadow
 – Cast in Shadow is the first novel in Michelle Sagara’s Chronicles of Elantra series. This is a personal favorite of mine (duh – I already mentioned that!). This novel introduces young Kaylin and the fantastical (yet deadly) world she lives in. Oh, and also quickly introduces readers to all of the chaos she manages to get into.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

The Emperor’s Wolves – The Emperor’s Wolves is the start of the Wolves of Elantra series. As the name might suggest, this is actually a spinoff series from the Chronicles of Elantra. This series is only one book at the moment (with at least one more to come!), but it is already near and dear to my heart, as it features my favorite character of the series: Severn.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

Into the Dark Lands – Into the Dark Lands is the first novel in the Books of the Sundered Series. Here we find a fantasy land torn apart by war and all the struggles it entails. Erin is a healer, yet she is no stereotypical healer, as the series is quick to show us.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

Silence – Silence is the first series in Michelle Sagara’s The Queen of the Dead series. It’s a dark and haunting young adult series. Set in a more modern world, this one is full of paranormal events as Emma’s gifts force her to see the dearly departed. Very dearly, in her case.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

Hunter’s Oath – Hunter’s Oath is the first novel in Michelle West’s The Sacred Hunt series. It all starts with a hunt. One that must occur every year. This is the oath made by Gilliam of Elseth, and now it is the oath that Stephen must uphold. Or alter.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

The Broken Crown – The Broken Crown is the first novel in Michelle West’s The Sun Sword series, where epic fantasy meets science fiction. In this world, five clans all want the same thing – but that doesn’t mean they’re willing to work together. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

The Hidden City – Last but not least, we have The Hidden City. This is the first in the House War series, which as the title might suggest, means we’re about to dive into another war-torn world. Jewel Markess grew up on the streets, and yet it was a strange opportunity that will change her life and perhaps the lives of everyone around her.

Click HERE to go check out the series!

And of course, you can find Michelle Sagara at the following locations:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Patreon

*If you know an author that deserves to be featured, feel free to reach out with any recommendations!*

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