Author Spotlight: Lisa Maggiore and “Ava the Monster Slayer”

Ava the Monster Slayer 
Lisa Maggiore

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Show me a child who isn’t afraid of monsters.

Go ahead, try.

I  mean, Pixar made a bajillion dollar movie about it, so….it’s a real thing…and the littles are scared.

I can remember SO clearly being afraid when I was little. To venture down- alone- into our basement to switch the laundry from the washer to the dryer was pretty much the WORST chore my mother could ask of me. I would tear down those stairs, race around the corner and open that washer so fast I’m SURE I broke some world records. Falling back up the stairs from running so fast? Bruised knees to prove it.

We ALL have our memories of being scared as youngsters. Ava is no different! What IS different about her, though, is that she is a monster SLAYER.

“Ava the Monster Slayer” introduces us to a precocious, bespectacled little girl, determined to save her beloved Piggy from the clutches of a monster in the basement.

Ready to go to bed, Ava realizes she can’t find Piggy, her favorite stuffed animal. Once she realizes no one is around to help her, she dons her slayer gear (cape and sword, pink rain boots and sparkly princess crown, thank you very much) and navigates her way through the house to the basement. She is sure she sees monsters at every corner. But she MUST be brave to save Piggy!

Will Ava save Piggy from the monster? Pick up “Ava the Monster Slayer: A Warrior Who Wears Glasses” to find out!

Author Spotlight: Lisa Maggiore:

I met Lisa when my book club read her book “Home From Within” in December of 2016. Lisa joined us at our meeting, let us fangirl all over her, and then joined our book club. (I know! We have like, a real live author in our book club!!) Since then, she has become a treasured friend. I was fortunate enough to attend a book launch for her 2nd Ava book, “Ava the Monster Slayer: Cousin Power!” Which follows Ava and her cousin, Sophia, to summer camp.

Lisa Maggiore was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Italian (dad) and Swedish (mom) parents. For twenty years she practiced social work in Chicago, ending her career in 2011. She is the author of Ava the Monster Slayer, Ava the Monster Slayer: Cousin Power!,  a fiction short story, “Pinterest Saved My Marriage” and a fiction novel “Home from Within”. Lisa is currently working on other writing projects and practicing her storytelling skills during Live Lit performances. She currently resides in Chicago with her husband and children, who include the real life Ava! Lisa loves to travel, watch Da Bears during the NFL season, and be silly with her family, which includes her one-year old grandson!

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