Author Spotlight: Jane Corry

Often times we like to showcase some of our favorite authors on the blog. In one of my recent posts about the books I read in one sitting, I talked about Blood Sisters by Jane Corry. This author is one that is an automatic buy for me. A few years ago I picked up My Husband’s Wife and really enjoyed her writing style and the book itself and did what any typical reader does… Bought all the books she had at that time. So in this post I’m going to talk about those books!

I started reading Jane Corry in 2018 so based on Goodreads it looks like these were the 3 books she had out at the time. She does have a few other books that have since released and I do own them but I have not made it through my TBR list to them yet. (story of my life)

The Dead EX: 

Vicki is an aromatherapist who has had to start over a time or two in her life. She’s now made a new life for herself when her ex husband goes missing. She swears she hasn’t seen him in years but her memory isn’t exactly the most reliable. She’s doing everything in her power to figure out what happened to David and piece together when the last time she saw him was.

Scarlett is growing up so quickly and unfortunately she’s had a rough life. Some of her earliest memories are playing “the game” with her mom which she now realizes was her mom buying/selling drugs. Forced into foster care this experience is going to pave the way to many hardships for her when all she wants is to be reunited with her mom.

David… he’s the ex… and he’s gone missing.

How do these three characters relate? Not sure what is happening here? Well buckle up because it’s a wild and twisty ride but BOY is it soooo good.

I just checked my goodreads and this is the only book I made time for during my last summer semester of college. I absolutely LOVED this book. There are so many turns and you think you know who did what and what’s going on but you really just don’t.

My Husband’s Wife: 

Warning: this book has a SUPER slow start but sticking it out is worth it. Lily is an early 20’s lawyer who marries Ed after he purposes on the second date (RED FLAG). There marriage quickly begins to have some rocky areas but she’s determined to make it work. She takes on her first big murder case and then everything changes… she soon is willing to risk it all for this case.

Ed is an artist at heart but he’s taken on an advertising/marketing job to keep a steady income on the table. Ed is just a walking red flag through the whole book.

Then we have Carla. Ed and Lily babysit the neighbor girl a few times to help out. She’s a very interesting character. Carla definitely had a hard childhood growing up. She learned to use her looks and manipulation to get what she wants and she does exactly that.

The second half of the book is 15 years later roughly and what happens to Lily after he big case. Carla comes back in their lives. Ed becomes a painter. Chaos has ensued. Want to know why and how those things are related? You’ll have to read to find out.

Blood Sisters: 

I absolutely loved this book. As mentioned above, this is one of my books I wrote about in my “Books I read in one sitting” post. If you would like to read the full review on this book. Check out that post for all the details.

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