Author Spotlight: Frank Tayell

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Every now and then the members of The Book Review Crew will be taking just a few minutes to talk about some noteworthy authors. They could be our all-time favorites, a new notable author, or an indie author we feel deserves more attention.

Regardless of the reason, each author featured is the creator of novels we just can’t get enough of, and we’ll give you a brief introduction and idea of how to get started with their work of fiction!

Today’s author spotlight is: Frank Tayell

Who is Frank Tayell?

Frank Tayell is an author of post-apocalyptic fiction, arguably most famous for his incredibly detailed zombie survival fiction. His works have a political and dystopian blend, making them feel a little too real at times (in all the best ways, naturally).

According to Tayell’s blog, one day he sat down and binged a whole lot of zombie fiction. That was what ultimately led to the creation of his Surviving the Evacuation series (more on that below). All of Tayell’s series are incredibly detailed and complex, and thus I would strongly urge that all new readers make a point of starting at the beginning.

Personally, I adore Frank Tayell’s writing because it is unafraid to dive into the details of what it takes to survive an apocalypse. While the series undoubtedly has a dark take on humanity, it is thrilling to see all of the adventures and realistic (comparatively) struggles.

Series Starters

Surviving The Evacuation – Surviving The Evacuation is without a doubt Frank Tayell’s better-known series, as well as being his longest-running (for the moment!). Currently, the series is eighteen books strong, not counting the spin-off series. The first full novel in this series is simply titled ‘London,’ which will introduce us to the world, some of the cast members, and the harrowing journey they are about to begin.

Click HERE to go check out Surviving The Evacuation.

Surviving The Evacuation: Here We Stand – Surviving The Evacuation: Here We Stand is, as you might have guessed, a spin-off series. It follows one specific character introduced in the main series, showcasing all of his antics and struggles for survival before joining up with the main crew. The first novel in this series (Infected) was published after book 7 of the main (Home), so it is probably smart to get at least that far ahead before diving in (or risk spoilers!).

Click HERE to go check out Surviving The Evacuation: Here We Stand.

Surviving The Evacuation: Life Goes On – Yep, you guessed it! Surviving The Evacuation: Life Goes On is the second spin-off series surrounding zombies and all of the pain and chaos they can bring with them. The first novel in this series is titled Outback Outbreak, and again should probably be read later in the main series (as it also focuses on a character introduced there).

Click HERE to go check out Surviving The Evacuation: Life Goes On.

Strike a Match – If you’re looking for a post-apocalyptic story with a bit more science fiction in the mix, check out the Strike a Match series, which has sentient viruses as the main threat of the world. Well, as with the rest of Tayell’s works, that’s actually only one of the threats, but you’ll see.

Click HERE to go check out Strike a Match.

And of course, you can find Frank Tayell at the following locations:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook

*If you know an author that deserves to be featured, feel free to reach out with any recommendations!*

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